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A tiny, shallow stage confined but did not limit the inventive action devised by director Robin Guarino, all playing out within Donald Eastman's amusingly mobile forest of tall armoires, which provided everything required, from doors through rooms and closets to garden follies.
Amusingly, it reminds one of Soviet-style high school textbooks, written from a position of indisputable authority.
When he spoke amusingly of his meetings with President Roosevelt, it was Theodore to whom he referred.
More amusingly, because Satrapi's adventures in Vienna take place during her teenage years, we get to witness the physical transformation of her character and girl body.
for YAs, took a character from one of his books for adults and in 15 linked tales writes movingly and amusingly about the trials and tribulations of his adolescence.
Her backing electronic musicians, in matching suits, were amusingly referred to as 'the physician and technician'.
Toure, an author and popular social commentator, draws on his awareness of today's popular culture amusingly and smartly as very few writers have.
Not surprisingly, a fair portion of the book is devoted to questions, starting with the amusingly titled "All Questions rise Not Created Equal," clarifying the difference between closed questions (having specific answers) and open questions (needing original responses).
This book contains 56 short phrases, each amusingly illustrated with a colored illustration.
Hal: It was a great kluge--an amusingly complicated procedure.
Despite this, the children succeed in making crude and amusingly amateurish costumes and masks for the dance.
Materialist Shakespeare amusingly retouched cover portrait depicts a pontificating Bard, accompanied by fawning court ladies, his left hand embracing Das Kapital.