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A tiny, shallow stage confined but did not limit the inventive action devised by director Robin Guarino, all playing out within Donald Eastman's amusingly mobile forest of tall armoires, which provided everything required, from doors through rooms and closets to garden follies.
Amusingly on the grassy bank is a sign saying "slippery slope"!
As the saying goes, if you must squander our money, do it amusingly.
The collection of short stories and one-liners amusingly describe the Frequent Flyer experience, with chapters that include: Reservations, Check-in, Baggage, Boarding, Passengers, Flight Attendants, Airports, Airlines, Aircraft, Aircraft Maintenance, Lingo Decoding, Flight Training, Pilots, Pilot Quotes, Flying, Military Air, Control Tower and Landing
Now this insurer, AXA-Equitable, rides around most amusingly in a convertible car on TV as the 800 lb.
Rather than fining players for their poor attempts at humour on Twitter, the FA should follow Pardew's lead by actively encouraging footballers to amusingly insult their peers.
The transmission of sick bugs is amusingly demonstrated with creative artistic simulations for zany little representative sick bugs.
His clever lyrics depict everyday scenarios, sometimes crudely and very amusingly. That Boy That Girl pushed all the right buttons as the crowd threw themselves around.
Helpful comments and definitions are peppered throughout, and expressive illustrations guide readers through this amusingly clever book.
WITH reference to the item about the Nottingham Forest programme error in Stud Marks (August 17), even the programme feature writers of the Premier League champions can sometimes (amusingly) get opposing players' names mixed up.
The juxtaposition of the imagined scenarios and real life amusingly point up the ironical similarities, such as the dream of being a stage magician and the propensity to 'disappear like magic before bath time.' The illustrations are deftly drawn, simple line cartoons, washed in soft tints to enhance the gentle nature of the story.
He dares to make a stand against those who would tyrannize the weak, culminating in a battle against a chaotically malevolent Baron and his martial arts expert sister, (with an amusingly indecent finale!) Recommended for readers age 13 and up due to violence and mild nudity, The Prince of Heroes Chapter 1 is a wonderfully entertaining, adventure of action, drama, and simple good-versus-evil that leaves the reader eager for more.