an equal percentage

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Solutions can be agreed by taking an equal percentage, from that portion of each wage which is above the protected minimum wage.
3 million, and over 40 percent of them are of Indian origin and an equal percentage African.
Support for maintaining Fayyad as head of government comes from across all socio-economic backgrounds with an equal percentage of male and female respondents supporting his remaining in office," said AWRAD.
Much fairer, my mother thought, than an equal percentage would be equal raises in take-home pay.
Asked about their current financial situation, an equal percentage of parishes--40 percent each--said it was "good or excellent" or "tight," while the remaining 20 percent said their parish was experiencing "some" or "serious" difficulty.
It is our uranium and we must be able to own an equal percentage if not all of it (sic).
In December, 47% of credit union members said their finances are getting worse, an equal percentage with non-credit union members," Discover reported.
Thirty-four percent of Chhattisgarh's population are tribespeople living mostly in remote forests and an equal percentage belong to the widely neglected lower-Hindu castes, according to the official figures.
An equal percentage also feel that certification aids in gaining professional recognition.
Forty-five percent of survey respondents expect the construction market will be better by the back half of 2011, with an equal percentage believing it will have at least stopped declining.
SME will start kicking in from now onwards and should constitute an equal percentage of our advances with retail at around 10%,' said the bank's chief financial officer, Bipin Kabra.
Nearly 10 percent of women reported smoking heavily (more than 10 cigarettes a day) throughout their pregnancy, 12 percent were light smokers (less than 10 cigarettes a day), and an equal percentage tried to quit.