an equal percentage

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In Article 9, His Highness directed to increase philanthropic initiatives every year and grow them by at least an equal percentage of the annual economic growth.
Shri Shekhwat said that though India is having 18 percent of the world population and an equal percentage of livestock, but our share of water is less than 4 percent and that too is mostly contaminated.
An equal percentage were "very" or "somewhat" concerned a trade war would hurt their local economy, according to the poll by the New Jersey-based school.
An equal percentage plans to use "lean construction" methods, offsite fabrication or virtual construction technology.
"We have approved the rules to start trading on separate subscription rights for non-listed company," Mohamed Farid confirmed.AaAaAeAcAaAeAeA AaAaAeAcAaAeAeA A subs right is the right of existing shareholders in a company to retain an equal percentage ownership over time by subscribing to new stock issuances at or below market prices.
An equal percentage of the most highly educated U.S.
But, in reality, the company will be theirs with me owning an equal percentage. The students will have an expense account and they will be required to provide monthly expense reports.
An equal percentage of directors believe that 21-40% and 41-50% are the optimal ranges for female board representation.
And the results reveal that it's not just the young and healthy who are using alternative sites: Seventeen percent of 18- to 24-year-olds and an equal percentage of those 65 years and older had used a retail clinic.
* Roughly 30% of institutions are employing alternative beta (non-market-cap-weighted) ETFs, and an equal percentage are using currency hedged ETFs.
KARACHI -- Around 12 per cent of Pakistan population is suffering from diabetes and an equal percentage has pre-diabetes.
This valve has an equal percentage characteristic, meaning that equal changes in valve position produce equal percentage changes in flow capacity.