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Formation a Atractylis serratuloides, Thymelaea microphylla, Bassia muricata, Salsola vermiculata, Anabasis articulata, Ferula cossoniana, Atractylis humilis, Pegannum harmala, Plantago albicans, etc.
Thucydides in his so-called History, Xenophon in the Anabasis and Cyropaedia, and others of the ancient writers discuss thematically the various types of would-be greatness, Greek and non-Greek.
No pretendemos decir que Arriano tuvo la idea de que haya existido intervencion divina, en lo absoluto, no advertimos intentos semejantes en la Anabasis, pues lo que se observa es que hay un fuerte apego por la divinidad que se traduce en devocion, creer en los dioses sin abandonar la racionalidad, y lo mas importante, no dejarse llevar por la supersticion.
Lendle, Otto (1995) Kommentar zu Xenophons Anabasis (Bucher 1-7).
Journey to the Interior: The Influence of Xenophon's Anabasis on Thomas Wolfe's O Lost.
Carla Faesler es asimismo autora de cuatro libros de poesia: Catabisis ex voto, Anabasis maqueta (Premio Nacional de Literatura Gilberto Owen 2002), No tu, sino la piedra y Rios sagrados que la herejia navega.
This cosmic voyage is mirrored in the Classical katabasis and anabasis of the Logos.
In sections on beginnings, responses, transformations, and receptions, they consider such topics as the invention of the "barbarian" in late sixth-century BC Ionia, visual mediation and Greek identity in Xenophon's Anabasis, ethnography and the gods in Tacitus' Germania, exploring the ethnographic digression in Plutarch's Lives, ethnography and identity on India's northwestern frontier, and the scope of ancient ethnography.
Greek--Xenophon's Anabasis, begun; Prose Composition; Myers' Greek History.
Baudelaire's 2011 documentary "The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years Without Images" is an impressionistic exploration of the Japanese filmmaker's journey from cinema to militancy and back, focusing on his relationship with Shigenobu and his daughter May.
The most common tree in the reserve is Haloxylon ammodendron, and the typical shrubs are Anabasis salsa, Atraphaxis frutescens, Calligonum mongolicum, Ceratocarpus arenarius, Ceratoides latens, and Reaumuria soongorica.