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Wood, Nagel has already written a very Benjaminian history of art, titled Anachronic Renaissance (2010).
Without doubt, topping the list are his creative anti reassuring baloes, whose anachronic attractiveness and metaphoric trajectory so characterize his life.
Wood in their landmark text Anachronic Renaissance.
The photographs depict immense landscapes, palaces, menhirs, a cortege of trolley cars, crowds which appear and disappear in an anachronic world of phantasmagorias.
And they are the most vigorously forthright of all of Varejao's works in their playing of the anachronic Baroque informe against the modernist/ Minimalist formalism of the grid: cracks, waves, curlicues, organic irregularity and curvilinearity playing against the straight-up-and-down arrangement of one square after the other.
September 11" attempts to make it a virtue, and in this respect it seems to be in step with recent provocations such as Anachronic Renaissance (2010) by Alexander Nagel and Christopher Wood, who resist the default demand that we understand the significance of art strictly in terms of its historicity, the particular time and place of its making.