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Much as the local authorities use the concept of multicultural past more (Lublin) or less (Bialystok) effectively, they do so in random and anachronic manner, excepting most topics that might be controversial from the point of view of the dominant group (such as a period of quantitative dominance of the Jewish population in Bialystok).
Ready and finished models from an anachronic administrative law do not lend themselves to present solutions out of a posture that is almost maniqueist: either good or evil.
Gidea reveals, in pursuing the goal of a "total Europe", by 1947-1949 de Gaulle would show no problems in accommodating the former enemy, Germany, arguing that Franco-German co-operation was essential for the success of a United Europe (we may infer this was what the author meant, as it would be anachronic to speak of "the European Union" back in 1949, as on p.
And generally when foreign legal systems evolve by inventing or innovating legal institutions there is a necessity to catch up these foreign systems and the perception is that law is anachronic; therefore the system runs again an actualization process of legal institutions and the path dependence continues again.
Ethnic superiority can be found at the conceptual level (anachronic discourse) whereas it makes no reference to the supranational text (EU and NATO), which is subject to national legislation.
I must recognize that in fact I have proceeded arrogantly, with an anachronic and systematic perspective that characterizes us, the heirs of Descartes and Freud.
Both the narrative sequence of events and the psychological time flame of the protagonists are often inordinate and anachronic throughout the work.
This anachronic movement back to a previous state of being is registered in the final shot, in which the camera gradually closes in upon a traditional opera actress in a street performance and finally reveals Yan's face in a freeze frame.
Any imposition of the monist ideas such as search for an essence of language as done by the later theists since Bhartrhari is absolutely anachronic. Bhart[hari's quest for a linguistic essence (Sabdabrahma) may be compared to the eidetic phenomenology of Edmund Husserl, which, in Halenstein's words is "concerned with the grasp of the essential features common to objects of the same category".
For instance, in Part One Tietjens sits in a room playing solitaire, and his mind runs us across the suffragettes on the golf course, the telegram from Sylvia, and the history of Sylvia's infidelities in forty pages of anachronic narration.
On the one hand, it was related to popular "mystical" beliefs placed under anathema by the party propaganda, such as superstitions or anachronic ("backward") cultural forms.
This essay is related to their 2005 article in Art Bulletin and to their eagerly awaited book Anachronic Renaissance.