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There is something oddly anachronistic about Christopher Williams, the 28-year-old dancer, choreographer, and puppet-master.
Your motion is] inappropriate, anachronistic, [and] it isn't done anymore.
Garrison, a middle-aged leader of the hooligan gangs supporting the (once gritty, now tony) West London side Chelsea, is less frightening, though no less compelling--the living, anachronistic legacy of that hooliganism in yuppie climes.
I think community health councils, who reflect Ms Hutt's view of human rights are anachronistic and accordingly would dissolve them, together with their private and confidential advocates
Korda's use of "housework theory," which posits that "domestic work under capitalism is not considered 'real' work because 'women's productive labor is confined to use-values while men produce for exchange" (54) seems anachronistic, neglecting the "putting-out" system for textiles: it was precisely household weavers exchanging their products for money who initiated English proto-capitalism.
It seems anachronistic to expect the 15th-century artisan who fabricated the chandelier to have bothered with this detail.
This event has encouraged advertisers to use more creative ads that do not depend on anachronistic gender stereotypes or discriminatory or violent images.
Anachronistic conflicts are making headlines all over Latin America these days.
Doesn't such language tilt us toward the dizzyingly anachronistic jokes of Woody Allen or Mel Brooks?
One slightly anachronistic aspect of the book, an aspect that might not be the author's fault, is its lack of engagement with some crucial recent texts in the field of Left studies.
The European Central Bank is even more anachronistic.
Management gurus deplored our seemingly anachronistic stand, questioning the wisdom of standing in the path of what was clearly a sociological tidal wave.