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(You know the revival of death penalty is outdated, anachronistic to the call of the world to abolish death penalty.
Peter Bolton-King, chief executive of the NAEA, said: "The coalition believes that stamp duty is an anachronistic tax which, in its current form, is preventing a recovery in the housing sector.
In spite of plot improbabilities and anachronistic opinions held by various characters, this tale is an interesting look at a time when girls were confined by law and marketed like cattle.
Regarding John Champagne's letter, "Anachronistic Whitman," (Jan.-Feb.
In chapter 1, De La Torre discusses the social process of reading, defines key terms and concepts for his study, and demonstrates how sometimes modern readers have a tendency to impose meanings on ancient biblical texts that are anachronistic. Chapter 2 notes how readings from the center/dominant culture serve to defend and reinforce the center's power and privilege at the expense of minority groups and encourages a material rather than a metaphoric or spiritual approach to the Bible in order better to enter into the real-life experience of the marginalized.
Krauthammer, never known as a supporter of a high wall between church and state, called the persistent battles over evolution in the United States "so anachronistic and retrograde as to be a national embarrassment." He also referred to ID as "today's tarted-up version of creationism.
To replace the grand-narratives of the anti-apartheid period, which his South African graduate sociology students found anachronistic, Sitas has transformed symbolic narratives by grassroot creative participants in the liberation struggle into 16 parables of about half a page each.
In Losung (Solution)--lest the historical valence be underestimated, Endlosung means "final solution"--behind the heavily draped window of a squat modern house in the country, a couple embraces or wrestles awkwardly while, outside, a group of anachronistic figures float under a twilit sky suggestive of Caspar David Friedrich.
By continuing to hold to his 1961 view that schizophrenia is a "myth," Szasz is increasingly viewed as anachronistic. This allows critics to discredit him on other issues on which he has much to contribute.
There is a kind of anarchic, anachronistic thrill that comes with the knowledge that--almost 300 years ago--a woman successfully challenged some of the barriers that still exist today.
There is a dualism in his presentation: between an (arguably) anachronistic imposition of today's vision of the two earner household on the past and a thorough and careful reading of memoirs and documents.
There is something oddly anachronistic about Christopher Williams, the 28-year-old dancer, choreographer, and puppet-master.