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10) This blogger lists the following phenomena as making an anachronous appearance in the section of the film set in the mid-nineties: yellow Metrorail trains, ABSA, MTN and Cell C, Siyaya taxis, GP number plates, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, and train surfing (Aquilogy, 2008).
Maurice's temporality answers this question by proving that an anachronous timeframe--that announced by Maurice's paratext--might ironize narrative's time-sequence enough to make it tell another story.
To pack up my memories in cold cardboard boxes and anachronous suitcases.
I've seen them strolling New York's smaller streets, these two anachronous gentlemen with Victorian hats and - do I remember correctly?
This is far too polite an assessment, and in no way prepares the reader for many of the bizarrely anachronous views in the book.
Therefore, managers should be reassured that increasing employee motivation is not an anachronous concept because there is still much productivity to be gained through the application of appropriate motivation techniques leading to increased subordinate effort.
Not keeping pace with the times makes response anachronous.