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For the reader, this anachronous twice-told tale intimates that something has happened in time and been reversed or undone.
In contrast, there was no statistical difference of overall survival rates between metachronous group and anachronous with synchronous group (Figure 3(b)).
(10) This blogger lists the following phenomena as making an anachronous appearance in the section of the film set in the mid-nineties: yellow Metrorail trains, ABSA, MTN and Cell C, Siyaya taxis, GP number plates, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, and train surfing (Aquilogy, 2008).
Today, Youngstown seems curiously vibrant and anachronous. It remains vibrant because of its essential lesson: it appears that contemporary courts will only check presidential war making when social and political forces support such a judicial role.
17), resulting in risibly anachronous conclusions concerning the early dialects; in the same passage she has also misread the text's yakugo 'glossing' as hon'yaku 'translating'.
Its anachronous plot follows a journalist named Junior on a quest for a storytelling machine created by the Argentinian poet-novelist Macedonio Fernandez as a substitute for his dead--possibly "disappeared"--wife Elena.
By the beginning of the 1980s, the tone of its advertising, the heritage of the brand name, and its packaging had positioned it perfectly to take advantage of the decade of the "yuppie." Unfortunately, the era of cigarette brands as personal fashion statements and status symbols had begun to wane even before this, and the brand started to seem rather anachronous. By 1985, it was losing share--not just to the price brands--and its franchise increasingly looked older and atypical of the category.
Maurice's temporality answers this question by proving that an anachronous timeframe--that announced by Maurice's paratext--might ironize narrative's time-sequence enough to make it tell another story.
Some of these events may be anachronous. "That is true now" the speaker admits of the events, but then adds "it is not true anymore." What is sure, though, is that the speaker recalls herself as "seventeen and shy and wild" an "Indian" who will never be a saint in Catholic Santa Fe.
To pack up my memories in cold cardboard boxes and anachronous suitcases.
178-94 - from the same region, which is dated 909 A.D., but which survives only as a later reissue, preserves an anachronous list identical to those of the Cane and Patakan inscriptions.
Not keeping pace with the times makes response anachronous. Not matching up with reality makes an evaluation incongruous.