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This would do away with anacoluthon and present a catachretic metaphor in which a head "stands.
And the fragment itself is filled with rhetorical figures of "interruption and short-circuiting": asyndeton, anacoluthon, parataxis, enantioseme, etc.
What the poet can do is invoke the immanence of nature by articulating its resistance to textual enframing, employing figural logic--the correspondences of metaphor, the extensions of catachresis, the attributions of metonymy, the substitutions of synecdoche, the inversions of chiasmus, the ruptures of anacoluthon, the subversions of irony, the opacities of paradox, the invocations of apostrophe, and the mimicries of onomatopoeia (to gather but a handful or two of pertinent figures)--to connote nature's diversity, flux, and supersession of univocal diminution.
Hayakawa had an enormous influence on the young men and women studying the art of language at that time, as the excerpt from Dow's poem For the Nonce demonstrates in such lines as, Language at its simplest has this power to enact tragic delight, especially as it begins to sing in lines or The tension of his abrupt enjambments, the stuttered definitions, shifting vectors in syntax which, cut by line-breaks, knotted by anacoluthon (to effect metaphor of locutions rather than images), yet ends up, like a magician's rope; in one piece--these haunt me with felt time: argons of alert animality pacing in thought.
The text produces an anacoluthon, an oath voiced by Jenny: "I think it is the truth.