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By contrast, in a narrative economy structured around the idea of avoidance, we find precisely that, avoidance, silence, substitution, anacoluthon.
A few sentences on he does mention anacoluthon, which he defines and exemplifies in n.
Readers need not expect to find detailed studies of traditional rhetorical tropes like zeugma, occupatio, or anacoluthon.
It is this ethical imperative, precisely in its very non-systematic character, that brings Montaigne, at the level of the perpetual digression of his form (for de Man this will become the Schlegelian permanent parabasis and the Proustian anacoluthon of the 1970s)(4) closer to the poets: Holderlin, Baudelaire, Mallarme, Proust, in whose company de Man will spend the rest of the decade and his life, with the principal additions of Nietzsche and Rousseau.
Extended anacoluthon structure combines with occasional ornateness.
The tension of his abrupt enjambments, the stuttered definitions, shifting vectors in syntax, which cut by line breaks, knotted by anacoluthon (to effect metaphor of locutions rather than images), yet ends up, like a magician's rope, in one piece--these haunt me with felt time: argons of alert animality pacing in thought.
Undoubtedly, the writing deploys challenging and complex figures of thought and devices of patterning (metalepsis, hyperbaton, and anacoluthon, among others), and we do not have far to look in order to confirm the standard estimation of him as a poet of torturous style, a poet of congeretic webs of description and limitless qualification.
O'Brian, then, has obscured the emergence of Alain's psyche in this narration so that no first-time reader is likely to suspect its presence before the anacoluthon.
would be an anacoluthon, that being the term in grammar for a sentence
Pinning tearsheets to the wall might have made for a more challenging, not to mention authentic, presentation, but Wallis instead quarantines six of Clark's books--covers shut tight; not even a glimpse of what constitutes Untitled (1994), known as "the River Pheonix book," for example--inside a single dinky case, which certainly is one way to italicize their "unreadability" and pictoral anacoluthon.
Further, there is one outright anacoluthon in the text (the intended final sentence of the first paragraph on p.
The prominent use of features such as ellipsis, apocope, asyndeton, aposiopesis, and anacoluthon strengthens this impression.