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The shock effect of the anacoluthon has been ironed out completely by Hersholt and the inserted "in fact" softens the disturbing mixing of a pagan folklore motif with a Christian one.
After priming readers as to the precarious status of the historical at the heart of Monkey Island through the anacoluthon that introduces its recollection, the text quickly emphasizes the problem of gaining access to the past by opening the section on the island with a reference to fiction and artifice.
Likewise, trench warfare cannot be called an historical anacoluthon in the manner of the Resurrection, anticipated as such warfare was by any number of human devices, although the Great War did violently interrupt the way of life that preceded it.
By contrast, in a narrative economy structured around the idea of avoidance, we find precisely that, avoidance, silence, substitution, anacoluthon. Far from appearing to the reader as an implausible fissure within the narrative, Dorriforth's avoidance of the name itself gives a psychic complexity, even strangeness, to his character.
He is left with the Aristotelian catalogue of tropes B some pervasive, like metaphors, and others obscure and forgotten, like the anacoluthon. At the limit, the tropes appear as entirely formal linguistic structures that can be manipulated at will without reference to the implicit anthropology by which the Aristotelian rhetoric integrates them into a master social theory.
Discussing the ways in which Crane utilizes chiasmus, anacoluthon, and catachresis in "Voyages," Edelman finds that in Crane's poetics, "every [rhetorical] movement toward the stability of chiasmus carries a trace of the break that figures the violence of anacoluthon" (256), and such instability in language is mirrored in Crane's images: "emblems of balance and antithesis are ceaselessly created and destroyed, drowned and reborn" (263) in instances of "catachrestic borrowing[s]" (284), "catachrestic designation[s]" (285), and "catachrestic ploys" (287).
originally included two solutions to the problem of the anacoluthon in those verses.(9) The text of this note in Vat.
At this point, anacoluthon breaks the mood, and the modality.
ANACOLUTHON: ending a sentence with a different syntactic structure (word order) from that with which it began:
185) seems, moreover, to involve anacoluthon, since the grammatical agreement requires the passage to be understood as follows 'they rendered great blows on the bright helmets with their naked swords [which = swords, not masculine coz] have descended [descendues] on the shields'.
It is striking how little either of rhetoric or time there is, when all is said, in "The Rhetoric of Temporality." A few sentences on he does mention anacoluthon, which he defines and exemplifies in n.
Readers need not expect to find detailed studies of traditional rhetorical tropes like zeugma, occupatio, or anacoluthon. However, the paucity of textual analysis is somewhat suspicious given the claims made for the heuristic benefits of rhetorical analysis.