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Washington DC [USA], November 19 ( ANI ): Beware if you are trying to lose weight with the recently-introduced 'Calories In, Calories Out' (CiCo) diet, as according to experts because of the low nutrient value, a person is more likely to become anaemic and deficient in a host of vitamins and minerals.
Among the anaemic children, 51% had mild anaemia, 45% had moderate anaemia and 4% were severely anaemic.
9 The current study was planned to determine if the anaemic mothers have more adverse perinatal outcomes, like preterm birth, low birth weight, perinatal mortality, poor Apgar score values and still birth, than non-anaemic mothers.
7 per cent of pregnant women are anaemic in India," said Health Minister J.
Children with haemoglobin (Hb) [less than or equal to] 10 g/dL were classified as anaemic.
When considering BMI among the female anaemic students, about half (50.
We hypothesize that as glucose is covalently bound to haemoglobin in glycosylated haemoglobin, HbA1c levels in non-diabetic anaemic population is significantly lower than in non-diabetic, non-anaemic population.
The proportion of anaemic patients with low red cell indices was significantly higher in women <50 years and 50-65 years, compared to those >65 years of age (P=0.
Blood samples were taken from all patients and were sent to laboratory for determination of complete blood count (CBC) test, serum ferritin (SF), hemoglobin electrophoresis (Hb F, Hb A2) was done for all of the anaemic cases.
Summary: DUBAI -- Around 40 per cent of the UAE population is anaemic and thalassemia is the topmost blood disorder in the country, health experts said at the first Emirates Haematology Conference.
However, every set piece proves anaemic and Tucker's babbling chokes the remaining life out of the anaemic film.