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Among the 67 patients who agreed to follow the algorithm, 31 had healing of their chronic anal fissures with nitroglycerin alone.
Identify and understand important and diverse types of therapeutics under development for Anal Fissure.
Several participants noted that patients with chronic anal fissure tend to be young--in their 20s to 40s--and otherwise relatively healthy, and for them a clinically meaningful benefit was a greater concern than was safety.
4 % for the treatment of moderate to severe pain associated with chronic anal fissures.
Lateral sphincterotomy, the traditional therapy for chronic anal fissures, has fallen into disfavor of late because long-term outcome studies have shown the operation poses a significant risk of permanent disturbances in anorectal continence, said Dr.
CHICAGO -- A long-term follow-up study found 60% of patients treated with topical glyceryl trinitrate for chronic anal fissures relapsed within 6 years.
One hundred sixty-one patients (aged 18-54 years) with chronic anal fissures were randomly assigned to consume a "true-elimination diet" (no wheat, milk, egg, tomato, or chocolate, chosen on the basis of the authors' previous experience with chronic constipation) or a "sham-elimination diet" (no rice, potato, lamb, beans, or peas) for 8 weeks.
It offers its services to women with such symptoms as fecal or urinary incontinence, painful or nonhealing episiotomy, anal fissures, third-or fourth-degree lacerations, rectovaginal fistulas, postpartum urinary retention, pelvic organ prolapse, and painful intercourse.
Add scrotal dependencies, testicular scrums, turdlike masses, anal fissures, gingery tubers, and intestinal buntings, and you can easily see how repugnant all this could be.
Special reports" and "counseling resources" relate graphic details of anal fissures, anal cancer, and AIDS complications to deem gay sex dirty or immoral and STDs God's punishment.
Trauma of running may produce bleeding from hemorrhoids or anal fissures.
The disorders disclosed in the patent include anal fissures, hemorrhoids and constipation.