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Lateral subcutaneous internal sphincterotomy in treatment of anal fissure. Br Med J 1970;3(5724):673-5.
In our study most frequent clinical presentation was hemorrhoids (37.9.0%), followed by anal fissure (33.5%).
It is first line of treatment for anal fissure but lateral internal sphincterotomy is superior, more effective and curative than the chemical sphincterotomy.
In patients with an anal fissure, which nonsurgical interventions are superior to placebo for promoting healing and decreasing time to resolution of pain?
All patients were diagnosed as having acute anal fissure on the basis of their medical history and the findings on physical examination.
AN anal fissure is a tear in the anus which most often occurs in constipated people when they pass a large or hard stool.
Editorial Comment on "Could local antibiotics be included in the treatment of acute anal fissure?".
Lateral internal sphincterotomy was found to be most effective in chronic anal fissures. This study was conducted to determine the efficacy of different medical treatment and surgery in the treatment of acute and chronic anal fissure respectively.
EdDear Ed,An anal fissure is a tear in the lining of the anus.
Clinically, on the other hand, it has a good effect on common bleeding symptoms such as internal and external bleeding, carbuncles, burns, cleft palate, anal fissure, etc.
An anal fissure is a small tear in the tissue that lines the anus, which can cause pain, sphincter spasms, and bleeding.
(24), nonsurgical therapies have a positive effect on QOL in patients diagnosed with anal fissure (18).