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The pain associated with an anal fissure is distinct from that of an abscess or thrombosed hemorrhoid--it's a throbbing pain lasting minutes to hours per episode.
Keywords: Anal Fissure, Fistula in ano (FIA), Fistulectomy, Hemorrhoid, Hemorrhoidectomy, Lateral Internal sphincterotomy (LIS).
Anorectal pain that begins intensely during a bowel movement that may persist for minutes to hours after defecation is characteristically associated with an anal fissure (2,3,9); whereas, pain that is constant and is not altered markedly by bowel movements is more typical of anal abscesses and thrombosed hemorrhoids (9).
Patients with history of haematemesis malena anal fissure or hemorrhoids established by per rectum exam/ proctoscopy and acute infectious bloody diarrhea were excluded from this study.
Anal fissures are lacerations of the anus and are most common in infants less than one year of age, with an unclear etiology (Stafford & Klein, 2011).
After six procedures in 7 years, multiple thrombosed hemorrhoids, an anal fissure, bladder problems, a blood transfusion, and months of intravenous iron infusions, I think it's safe to say that I've tried my best.
Objective: To further resolve the clinical equipoise on the choice of chemical sphincterotomy agent for early symptomatic relief of anal fissure by comparing the effectiveness of 2% Diltiazem gel with 0.
9)) Anal lesions In a random sample of 473 people with HIV 1 or more lesions 44% HPV lesions 23% Hemorrhoids 14% Anal fissure 11% Other anal lesions 9% Note: Table made from bar graph.
When an anal fissure fails to heal quickly on its own and causes repeated pain, conservative treatments can speed healing.
The treatment of anal fissure by lateral subcutaneous internal sphincterotomy--a technique and results.
Ersan Y, Yavuz N, Cicek Y, et al: Surgical treatment in cases of chronic anal fissure.