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In this series, the mean tumour height from the anal verge in the conventional APE and ELAPE patients was similar.
Rectal cancer was defined as a tumor located within 15 cm of the anal verge.
Colonoscopy revealed two submucosal tumors, 15 mm and 25 mm in diameter, which located about 12 cm and 7 cm from the anal verge, respectively [Figure 1]a.
Clinically he was suspected to have rectal growth and was subjected to sigmoidoscopy, which showed the presence of a rectal mass just above the anal verge.
There were venous varicosities at the junction of normal and ulcerated mucosa 40cm from the anal verge.
In rupture of the bulb of the urethra - classically in a fall with legs apart across a fence - blood and urine extravasate into the scrotum, track up into the lower abdominal wall, but the fluid remains trapped in front of the anal verge.
The inferior border was placed 2 cm below the anal verge or 2 cm below visible tumour if the tumour protruded from the anal canal.
The level of the primary tumor within the rectum was calculated mostly by rigid proctoscopy and/or digital rectal examination and expressed as the distance from the anal verge.
Through the anterior puncture in front of the anus, 5-10 ml solution is then infiltrated subdermally on each side at the level of the anal verge to secure superficial analgesia.
Miles Jones stated that the bruise on Trentadue's anal verge was most likely the result of Trentadue having been kicked.