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Invoking a heat and mass transfer analogy, temperature is analagous to chemical concentration, and [DELTA]C (x,y,t) is replaced with [DELTA]T(x,y,t).
Analagous to selective enrichment, IMS offers greater speed and can be a less damaging alternative to the use of antibiotics and other harsh reagents.
The structural similarity of processes generating criminal and analagous behaviors.
It is also a way of appropriating a text analagous, perhaps, to Duchamp's readymades, existing objects that are recycled and resignified after being signed.
These two figures arguably assume a foie analagous to Crebillon's ouvrier in Le Sopha.
12) The massive body of research notes that Flaubert normally accumulated before embarking on a novel may be seen as analagous to the build-up of memories.
There are many more examples across time and space, and if there is going to be any solidarity among global movements against capital, they will have to recognize these internal inequalities analagous to colonialism if they are to foster unity against the IMF, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization, which now have superordinate powers over nation-states, and dominates within the capitalist world system.
Analagous Lubki such as Slavnyi i sil 'nyi Vitiaz Eruslan Lazarevich (Moscow, 1889) and Bitva Bovy Korolevicha s Polkanom Bogatyrem (Moscow, 1889) can be found in (Russkii narodnyi lubok: albom] (Moscow, 1887-1889).
The second defendant argued that the provisions were analagous to those that regulate the time, place, and manner of political communications, (31) and given that there was evidence of mischief (some level of electoral fraud) the measure was reasonably appropriate and adapted to serve an end consistent with a system of representative government.
This leaves states to rely on the most analagous statute laws in managing such claims (usually contracts law).
This is analagous to the issue of slavery faced by Abraham Lincoln or the issue of Nazism faced by Winston Churchill," he said.
Indus' block is very close to the border and its ongoing exploration programme is designed to test areas that are analagous to those in Pakistan.