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Comparing chemotherapeutic drugs to biologic drugs is analagous to comparing a small plane to a jet airliner -- the differences in size and complexity are dramatic.
Boddy, "Underground and overhead: building the analagous city" in New American City and the End of Public Space, ad.
Moreover, as in the two earlier poems from the "Naming Places" group to Dorothy and Mary, the assurance of future memorial plenitude is prepared for by an analagous subjunctive verbal construction of wished-for relational fullness: "thy elder Brother I would be.
The case for these new brands is analagous to that of single malt Scotch, superpremium bourbon or to a lesser degree, imported vodka, where suppliers introduce new, high-prestige, high-profit brands and are willing to slowly build an audience, There may not be a tremendous volume at first, but what volume there is offers a great return.
The case is somewhat analagous to the situation in China where the bodies of executed criminals are mined by clinical scientists for transplant material.
However, other modern technologies analagous to biosensors have been criticized.
Confrontation morphologique et histo-chimique de l'amyloide et des productions analogoues du cerveau senile [Morphologic and histochemical comparison of amyloid and the analagous products of aging brain].
An earlier poetics had approached analagous if simpler conundrums by relying on achieved form as the principle of dynamic synthesis of subjective utterance and objective ground.
From this formula, I hoped to find formulas for higher dimensions analagous to the one describing planar objects: the sum of the exterior angles of a polygon is equal to 360 [degree].
1987) (noting that defendant's position was closely analagous to a prison guard and that prison guards are unquestionably "public officials").
It may be that the creation and naturalisation of capitalist self-production via education is as weighty as--and analagous to--the capacity for capitalist self-production now being opened up by biomedical engineering and gene technologies.
Recording is very much analagous to making movies,'' said Bell in an interview from New York, where he lives.