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* In contrast, the ability to generate maximum force during a tethered swim, a condition more analagous to free swimming, is a significant predictor of swimming performance.
take!"),draws our attention to the voice that is offering the gift of the round vase, or the world beyond the poem that is to be gained in an experience analagous to the one described.
Sander Gilman, in The Jew's Body, describes how the European image of the male Jew as feminized was overdetermined: first by a stereotypically stunted physiognomy, flat feet, and an awkward gait, which rendered him "innately unable to undertake physical labor"; and second, by his circumcised penis, which was deemed analagous to the clitoris of the woman.
Analagous to non-Euclidean geometry, whereby decommisioning of a single postulate--thus severing Euclidean geometry's integrity--permits elliptical and hyperbolic curvature.
By extension, his need to know the truth and the lawyerly tools of investigation with which he extracts Miriam's account from her are, for Vich, analagous to the elder Ormache's exercise of undisguised power in the torture chambers ("Violencia" 239-40).
This required a mechanical lock for the LSR on both sides of the PP, analagous to a rivet shape.
Fetter (1999) summarized one particular solution that is analagous to heat injection/extraction to/from closed-loop vertical borehole heat exchangers.
Analagous to selective enrichment, IMS offers greater speed and can be a less damaging alternative to the use of antibiotics and other harsh reagents.
(36.) These two figures arguably assume a foie analagous to Crebillon's ouvrier in Le Sopha.
(12) The massive body of research notes that Flaubert normally accumulated before embarking on a novel may be seen as analagous to the build-up of memories.
There are many more examples across time and space, and if there is going to be any solidarity among global movements against capital, they will have to recognize these internal inequalities analagous to colonialism if they are to foster unity against the IMF, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization, which now have superordinate powers over nation-states, and dominates within the capitalist world system.