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Models developed on the RefinIR are easily called within the SpectraRTS run time environment in our on-line ANALECT Hydrocarbon SmartSystem[sup.
23) From this analysis of the Analects, it is questionable if Liang's characterization of the scholars represent those portrayed by Confucius, and if his criticisms of the intellectuals are really applicable to Confucins's view of scholars.
Orbital, with $600 million annual revenues, plans to use the Analect product lines to enter the chemical and polymer markets.
Products include Analect (TM) FTIR/FT-NIR, FXi (TM) Gas Chromatographs, MGA (TM) Mass Spectrometers, PIONIR dispersive near infrared and RPM (TM) Raman analyzers.
SpectraRTS is AIT's primary on-line analyzer control, integration, and analysis software for its line of Analect products.
AIT is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and marketing of process analytical instruments including Analect FTIR, PIONIR Near-Infrared, MGA Mass Spectrometers, FXi Gas Chromatographs and RPM Raman analyzers.
17, 1998--To meet a growing demand for process monitoring applications in Europe, Analect Instruments Inc.
NOTE TO EDITORS: Compliance and CEMSCAN are trademarks, and Analect is a registered trademark of KVB/Analect.
Before actually reading the Analects, my students have read Fung Yu-lan's account of Confucius in his A Short History of Chinese Philosophy as well as the introduction to Ames' and Rosemont's philosophical translation of The Analect of Confuciuss.
On the Mode of Communication: Core Communication Mode of the Analects and Thinking of Confucianism Communication," Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences), Vol.
With regard to Chinese utopian literature, Fokkema analyzed the Analects of Confucius as utopian text, shows how the Tai Ping revolt of 1850-1864 manifested a new kind of utopianism blending Christian and Chinese influences, how the Chinese American writer Lin Yutang wrote his own kind of utopias, how China is described as a dystopian country in Sheng Lao's 1932 Cat Country, how Ruzhen Li's 1827 novel Destiny of Flowers in the Mirror evokes complex utopian visions including accounts of lands ruled by women and how Li's flowers also resonate in Mao's romantic, utopian idiom encapsulated in his slogan "Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom.
An added bonus is the page of Cultural Explanation which explains many details of the story's authentic illustrations, plus some famous teachings of Confucius called the Analects.