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But the litany of names leads to Sabbath's own family and, again according to an analeptic narrative structure, toward a recounting of his richest, most comforting, most sensorily pleasurable memories of his family.
A patient with chronic hepatitis C and a history of abuse of analeptic drugs who showed hallucinations and delusion with interferon administration.
Effects of certain analeptic drugs on spontaneous running activity of the white rat.
He is convinced from his deep study of the American puritans (for whom the New World was the New Eden) that the American imagination is also teleological and primarily political, proleptic rather than analeptic.
Internally, the effect is that of a respiratory analeptic and bronchospasmolytic.
Both these latest books are obsessed with time--with its measured passing and with its proleptic and analeptic possibilities--yet the impression created by these short poems is one of stillness and concentration.
Another box work in the main gallery, featuring a muzzy reprint of a still from the beginning of Sunset Boulevard (1950), cinched the exhibition's analeptic modality.
Finally, on a personal note I found the analeptic properties of THA quite useful for those patients at the conclusion of an anaesthetic who were marginally narcotized.
The week before, Mary Fortune and the old man had spent every morning watching the machine that lifted out dirt and threw it in a pile" (335), which is the very first sentence of "A View of the Woods," is analeptic in its retrospection ("the week before") and proleptic in so far as it points forward to the reappearance of the voracious (and conspicuously symbolic) machine in the final sentence.