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While neither we nor the deputy are capable of witnessing the central trauma of the lynching that ends Rider's life, what we do witness is the uncontainable truth of the resistance Rider represents to the reader, and the unassailable presence he maintains in the deputy's psyche, which itself cannot be contained by the analeptic summary conveyed by the narrator.
Roth's ambivalence is visible when, underscoring the analeptic form of both Everyman and Sabbath's Theater, he introduces a common trope, in scenes that perform climactically in each novel--the recitation of the names of the lost.
We again find the same events in Periandro's analeptic speech to the people gathered at the palace of King Policarpo.
Man, as a time-binder, has the innate capacity to transcend his limitations and move ahead in life through his analeptic and proleptic visions.
apparently incongruous juxtaposition of year and the analeptic marker
Here, however, that power is analeptic and regional: soldiers from the South come back from the conflict full of stories:
When larger analeptic reaches are necessary, Austen takes pains to naturalize the narrator's knowledge, as when the details of Sir Walter's birth and family are given by means of his own reading of his copy of the Baronetage (Persuasion 3).
50) So this photo provides an analeptic vision of the jealous route taken up by neither Vargas nor Welles--a sight offered to us of the originary narrative that the film deflects.
There is in addition a concentrated analeptic focus as each family member delves into the collective past to give her own version of key events (such as the visit to the (fictional) Reykjavik zoo or the holiday in Ireland).
815309 Dietetic beverages and foods; lecithin concentrates as analeptic foods; concentrates based on vitamins and/or minerals: vitamin preparations; mineral food supplements; concentrated food supplements made with carbohydrates; all included in Class 5.
20) Kate Fullbrook, 'Henry James and the Analeptic of Place', Symbiosis, 1 (1997), 187-200.
Higgins's fascination with the nature of memory and transience is mirrored in the novel's structure, begun in medias res and followed by an analeptic account of Imogen and Otto's doomed and torturous love affair, allowing us to witness the grim reality of a fading life, half-lived-out through clinging to frail memories.