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Almost all of the data have unfolded over the past decade or so, so some practitioners may still believe that early neuraxial analgesia increases cesarean delivery rate and/or other adverse outcomes.
The outcomes of interest for the study included any complication related to the use of epidural analgesia (e.
Female cannabis users required significantly more analgesia than males (93.
Effective analgesia allows earlier mobilisation along with fewer immobility-related complications, better patient satisfaction and a shorter time to discharge eligibility (4-6).
Additionally epidural analgesia in not a benign procedure and associated with potential complications like haematoma and abscess in the spinal space.
Duration of analgesia was defined as the time that elapsed between discharge from the recovery room and the first post-operative demand for rescue analgesia.
Articaine 4% 1:100,000 is reported to be a well-tolerated, safe and effective local analgesia for use in children [Dudkiewicz et al.
When a hygienist provides nitrous oxide analgesia, however, the dentist does not have to remain in the room, but must remain in the facility.
Numerous studies have been carried out in an attempt to correlate clinical sedation, hypnosis, amnesia and analgesia with neurophysiological indices, e.
Analgesia was assessed as a response to artery forceps applied to the digit and skin proximal to the tarsal joint.
Issues of assessment are then explored, followed by discussion of treatment strategies for acute pain, including perioperative use of COX-2 agents, patient-controlled analgesia, perioperative epidural analgesia, and interpleural analgesia.