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Kokinov (Eds), The analogical mind: Perspectives from cognitive science (pp.
Due to the specificity of this approach and its techniques, the classroom teachers were given a special training course to increase their understanding of music, sensory integration and analogical languages prior to the commencement of the children's group sessions.
Research in analogical pedagogy is often credited to seminal work by Dedre Gentner (1983, 1989), whose work also inspired extensive advances in artificial intelligence research (Falkenhainer et al 1989, Forbus and Gentner 1991, Forbus et al 2002).
However, the main aim of Bartha's investigation diverts from the currently dominating focus on the cognitive process of analogical reasoning.
It is the instrument of analogical intuition of Being.
This conceptualization undoubtedly provides a useful starting point for the analysis of analogical language.
In these approaches, new forms are extrapolated from the lexicon either by similarity-based general analogical processes (Skousen's AML, Daelemans' TiMBL) or by artificial neural networks in which rules and representations are merged.
Introductory logic instructors hasten to emphasize that the things being compared must be alike in ways relevant to the conclusion if an analogical argument is to be successful.
It is time for American Catholics, he suggests, to balance their analogical imagination with the dialogical tendencies exhibited by their Protestant compatriots and demand more from the hierarchy.
The last example is the more famous Idea del Theatro (Venice, 1550), a description of the complex utopian project of universal knowledge, alchemic transmutation, and human deification suggested by the orator, poet, and kabbalist Giulio Camillo Delminio: the analogical net of elements--which here is made up according to the composing principle from the cosmogony and put in a real, mental, and metaphorical space--represents the highest interaction of memoria and inventio as well as one of the most radical experiments of knowledge per signa.
As such, all cities bear an analogical relation to the heavenly city.
Three mares foaled on the day the famous horse was born 37 years ago, with Lady Flora and Linoats producing first-born colts by Environment Friend and Analogical producing a Sir Harry Lewis colt.