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Alternatively, we could assume that variants without initial *v were analogically influenced by the plain adjective uru- (see immediately below).
Hofele suggests intermediality (a crossing over of one set of conventions that are "contingent on specific technical devices" to another set [13]); the habit of thinking analogically (by which the image of the human is superimposed upon the image of the beast, resulting in synopsis or double vision); and Renaissance anthropology (a philosophical inquiry into universal human nature, which necessitated also inquiring into animality).
In this new iteration, however, words and gnomic phrases such as galaxies and cosmic black persistently tied blackness to space travel, analogically relating the sensorial overload of electromedia to an experience of the outer limits.
Said another way, Lupton's discussion of paper highlights the very problem of treating the materiality of writing analogically.
Godfrey's thesis is modest: he wishes to show that the ways in which we actually demonstrate trust in our daily lives can be applied analogically towards trust in God.
Here, I use the term analogically for the Jewish concept of scripture.
As a metaphysical alternative to extrinsicism, Schindler argues analogically from the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.
Unfortunately though, the described snag also usually analogically manifests itself at the moment when such categories (semantic, anthropological, social .
Analogically to formula (2), it is connected with angular resolution via flight altitude (due to smallness of angular resolution, it is accepted that tg[gamma] = [gamma][rad])