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Before coming to the overdeterrence question, it is worth reflecting for a moment on an alternative to analogizing bundled discounts to predatory pricing, which is to analogize them to unlawful tie-ins.
"One of the cornerstones of our strategy was to properly analogize it to that.
While it is an inexact science, commentators and observers seek to analogize presidential hopefuls' campaigns to those of prior years, trying to draw parallels between present candidates and those from history.
Kaysen's invitation to analogize between the vessels was both underscored and complicated by the exhibition title "Look Long, Look in Vain," suggesting that even within formal and technical sameness, inscrutability persists.
Part 2 explains nine reasoning techniques for applying law: apply the rule's plain language, imply, infer, clarify, hypothesize, characterize, analogize, quantify, and evaluate opposing arguments.
Wilfred Samuels and Clenora Hudson-Weems analogize Paul D's state to a living death: "His daily life was a totentaz, a death (chain) dance th at ended in his symbolic entombment in a wooden prison at the end of each day" (125).
"The extent that Boies was trying to analogize this to the Betamax case should have sent a shiver up the MPAA's spine," says music litigation and intellectual property attorney Larry Iser.
The book's method is to quarry a series of related tropes of empire out of Joyce's writing, that is, as Cheng says, to 'analogize' the kinds of hegemony that preoccupied Joyce - the imperial alongside and as part of the sexual, familial, racial, national.
Here the importance of symptomatic reading is especially evident: the works analogize conditions of production, the characters analogize projects of accommodation or resistance.
Froelich's attempt to analogize Donald Trump with Jesus is completely appalling and disturbing to say the least.
Lamer named the resulting objects according to various tectonic or poetic conditions they analogize: inflexion, caesura, subduction, mantle, passage.
Inevitably courts will analogize cyber circumstances to those in which the law is already developed.