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Picking a similar governor to analogize is dangerous for Kasich, since people with great resumes and all of the qualifications on paper often have failed to get the nomination.
Although these dramatic events during Burke's adulthood post-dated the Enquiry, Gibbons not only analogizes Burke's emotional reaction to his later description of sublime horror, but also argues that Burke's Enquiry owes much to the Irish context in which he grew up and in which he began (in the 1740s) to develop his aesthetic theories.
The law always attempts to analogize new media to old media, and at this point it has established a rough set of correspondences between Inter-net agencies and persons engaged in traditional communications:
You can analogize it, if you want, to federal highway taxes.
He said he could only analogize the permit denial based on there already being too many hot dog stands in the city to the license commission's denial of a liquor license because there were too many liquor licenses already granted in the same geographic area.
Part 2 explains nine reasoning techniques for applying law: apply the rule's plain language, imply, infer, clarify, hypothesize, characterize, analogize, quantify, and evaluate opposing arguments.
66) Pending such guidance, taxpayers are asked to analogize as best they can about how to treat corporate service recipients.
Wilfred Samuels and Clenora Hudson-Weems analogize Paul D's state to a living death: "His daily life was a totentaz, a death (chain) dance th at ended in his symbolic entombment in a wooden prison at the end of each day" (125).
The stories are told--and probably embellished --to teach, entertain, or analogize a point.
I analogize this to giving students too much homework.
Inevitably courts will analogize cyber circumstances to those in which the law is already developed.
For example, the Lotus Eaters analogize the numbing of pain, the Cyclops is the penultimate bully, and the Siren's song represents unhealthy temptations such as drugs, alcohol, and sexual misbehavior.