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Picking a similar governor to analogize is dangerous for Kasich, since people with great resumes and all of the qualifications on paper often have failed to get the nomination.
Amy Denver symbolically underscores Sethe's relationship to the broader community of enslaved people as she analogizes Sethe to a drowned man: "'Well I was just fishing there and a nigger floated right by me.
Here the importance of symptomatic reading is especially evident: the works analogize conditions of production, the characters analogize projects of accommodation or resistance.
Inevitably courts will analogize cyber circumstances to those in which the law is already developed.
For example, the Lotus Eaters analogize the numbing of pain, the Cyclops is the penultimate bully, and the Siren's song represents unhealthy temptations such as drugs, alcohol, and sexual misbehavior.
In this sense, Legion of Super-Heroes perfectly illustrates the contradictory treatment of race in many superhero comics: Torn between sci-fi fantasy and cultural reality, Legion ultimately erases all racial and sexual differences with the very same characters that it claims analogize our world's diversity.
I propose to analogize cocaine addiction to an infectious disease which poses a major public health problem.
Indeed, another move Jordan makes, to analogize bisexuality to interracialism (or would the analogy be interraciality?
3) The lack of definitive standards on what taxpayers are supposed to record, even pursuant to the generally commendable recordkeeping regulations, has prompted some commentators to analogize lobbying to pornography.
Courts will analogize the functions of computers with functions in areas where the law is already resolved.
Such is the prolixity of this artist's bouncing thought, however, that one is also led to analogize the way bafflement operates within political language with its presence in contemporary artistic practice.