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Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, television commentator and Baptist minister, certainly is most analogized to Mike Huckabee, most notably, 2008.
Fox analogized its approach to active and passive tortfeasors as set forth in the Restatement of Torts (Second) [section]433.
Such approaches analogized gayness to skin color and viewed gayness as a property that is fundamentally irrelevant to people's lives.
A resident camp can be analogized to a large ship; an entire floating city complete with lodging, food service, self-contained utilities, and extensive facilities.
The hospital analogized it, rather infelicitously, to a tumor taken from a patient.
Just as television didn't kill radio and the movies, Geschke analogized, the Internet won't eliminate the world of paper.
The Dalai Lama's Tibetan Government-in-Exile has, probably for international audiences unaware of the role of the Dalai, analogized his function and authority to that of the Roman Catholic pope.
The agents' brief removal and compression of Lovell's bags cannot be analogized to a seizure of Lovell himself.
However, in the Eliade manner, when Eknath sees Visnu in his guru and even identifies him with the God, this can be analogized to the nearly divine nature of a Sufi saint.
Even past incentive systems' experiences could not be easily analogized to current regulatory and industry conditions.
The Court felt sufficiently strongly about the strength of the state interest in equitable distribution of marital assets that it analogized the California community property interest to a state's interest in enforcing a "slayer statute," a frequently found law forbidding persons to receive insurance proceeds or distribution of an estate where that person has murdered the insured person or testator.
The most visible entities of this new medium - on-line services like America Online (AOL), and Internet service providers like Netcom, Worldnet, and Primary Network - have been analogized to news distributors, the people who operate newsstands or deliver newspapers.