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The sphere of "ownness" is doubly transgressed, first as a decentered self, who is ineluctably responsible, and second, as an analogizing transfer of the sense of the decentered self to another passivity.
A byproduct of this facile analogizing is the effacement of what was distinctive about Hitler's aims.
Some of the sources of help and problems in analogizing are described below.
Historically, governments have accounted for their mergers and acquisitions by analogizing to guidance intended for the private-sector business environment, which proved problematic because those standards focus on stock arrangements and ownership interests not present in the governmental setting.
The work successfully effected the aestheticization of everyday household objects for which Gupta has become known, instilling in them new value and meaning by analogizing Indian domestic life to mythic booty.
I read translations of texts analogizing prayer to sexual intercourse, to being on fire, to unifying with God.
They wouldn't listen to the lambs," he wrote, analogizing the situation of the ghetto youth to lambs crying out for God in an old gospel song, "The lambs cried, and finally one day the lambs turned into lions.
This is illustrated in the ruling by analogizing to repair costs incurred in the production process.
must require analogizing [the particular judgment] to other particular judgments directly.
Analogizing to the medical profession's "patients' bill of rights," one delegate urging adoption of the resolution called the ABA's Model Rules of Professional Conduct -- which contain the rules reaffirmed today -- "our Clients' Bill of Rights.
The court found that Prodigy was not liable for certain defamatory comments on bulletin boards by analogizing to a telephone company's obligations for defamatory discussions on the telephone.
Where the Web site accepts orders after establishing all the terms of the sales or services contract with the customer through interactive, but pre-programmed, decision software, and then, again automatically, directs the shipment of the goods or the provision of the services, a basis may exist for analogizing the ISP's server to an agent of the nonresident seller.