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The sphere of "ownness" is doubly transgressed, first as a decentered self, who is ineluctably responsible, and second, as an analogizing transfer of the sense of the decentered self to another passivity.
Rather than analogizing to predatory pricing, they are best compared with tying, whose foreclosure effects are similar.
This segues into a discussion of social costs and then into socially necessary costs and then into a digression on Marxism and the New Left before, in grasshopper fashion, returning to the theme of analogizing accounting to the practice of science.
One anti-MDP delegate, analogizing to the medical profession's "patients' bill of rights," identified the ABA Model Rules as "our clients' bill of rights.
the high court applied the Chevron standard in determining the deference to be accorded regulations relating to the Customs classification of certain imported goods, analogizing Customs regulations to tax regulations.
Analogizing the social, judicial and economic power in attendance to the power of the space shuttle, Justice Anstead urged the audience to use that power to move the legislature, the local court administration and the state attorney's office to give more attention to our juvenile court system.
stock market, analogizing to the Japanese bubble] probably had the term right but the region wrong.
In rejecting that argument, the court explained that the Thirteenth Amendment was adopted to ban "African slavery" in America and "[t]here is no basis in fact or logic [for] analogizing a mandatory community service program in a public high school to slavery.
One cannot conclude that such a presumption is overridden simply on the grounds of political sovereignty or by analogizing collective self-defense with individual self-defense.
Walter Gallichan, for example, began his argument for foreplay by analogizing sex to the theater, noting that "Man, the prime partner in passion, the valient [sic] wooer, the sole initiator, is accountable, in the great majority of cases, for the disastrous second act in the drama of love.
Perhaps Spoth exaggerates Ovid's expansion of the genre's possibilities even for himself; Ovid manages to express his condition and emotions in exile by analogizing them to the laments of the exclusus amator.
Morrison is not only analogizing the Babylonian captivity of the Jews to the condition of African Americans in a racist nation.