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Analogously, if the greatest total weight at a vertex of [K.
Despite the fact that motion always involves imperfection in creatures, it is nonetheless predicable analogously of God in two ways.
Analogously, there exist disjoint open sets U, V in [E.
On the remarks over the weekend by former Defense Agency chief Gen Nakatani, Fukuda told a House of Councillors Budget Committee session, ''Even if he was talking analogously.
Analogously, work success refers to effective performance of a job's required tasks.
Following the author, interactive computer-mediated communication can be studied analogously to "similarly dialogical exchanges between television's talk show presenters and their audiences" (p.
Analogously, it is time for computer users to know communications issues thoroughly.
I wanted to point out that exciting laboratory careers are analogously available to Air Force and Navy personnel--both enlisted and officer.
Analogously, Sir Robert Peel's police force may not at once have reduced the property crime rate in metropolitan London, but did that crime rate not decline markedly in the course of the century?
Analogously, the diction remains relatively uniform throughout, although the author herself remarks on some changes: "niemand kannte damals / ein wort wie dezibel.
Likewise, the mapping of haptic feedback to the degrees of freedom of the interface were intended to imitate the kinesthetic feedback produced by a violin bow moving analogously on a string.