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The subfamily affiliation of bdr genes can be readily determined through [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] analyses of the amino acid segment preceding the polymorphic repeat motif [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] (described in detail below) (25).
The analyses using the continuous measure of depressive symptoms revealed differences not detected with use of the categorical measure.
Second, students were specifically instructed in the steps required for effective analyses (i.
The evidence presented by our analyses of the samples provided by Swan, supported by our successful performance in the round-robin analysis of fortified samples, demonstrates that the reported detections of alachlor were most likely attributable to an interferent.
Some readers may be intrigued by the idea of conducting their own SWOT analyses and constructing a strategic plan for the career counseling profession or their role in it.
3; that is, the company has fleshed out the product with additional features, particularly "intermediate-level analyses," such as vibration analysis and, for the static analysis of a free body, Inertia Relief.
The instrument also has a touch-screen interface so operators can carry out single-key stroke analyses as well as print out optional certificates, statistical process control reports and change correction functions.
Cost-effectiveness analyses often take the societal, population-based perspective, while health care is delivered on an individual basis
A number of observers, including consultant Graef Crystal, contend their analyses provide strong evidence that compensation is highly related to firm size, but only weakly related to firm performance.
We recently shared with Monsanto chromatograms of a urine sample with low levels of AM as determined by all three analyses and provided sufficient information with which to evaluate the methodology.
Ideally, use of the GI program for content analyses of interview text as was done in this study could be improved and made more reliable by obtaining a larger amount of text/words per person to analyze.
natives to have a low-birth-weight baby, but analyses of national data show that the association varies by race or ethnicity and by educational level.