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In order to test question 1, paired samples t-tests and one-within repeated measure analyses were conducted across two measures: pretest and posttest (Maxwell & Delaney, 1990; Stevens, 1996; SPSS, 2003).
Our analyses followed Good Laboratory Practice standards [U.
Analyses were restricted to women who delivered first and second consecutive singleton infants.
That is, the entire case is not thrown out of subsequent analysis due to missing data for one or more variables but simply for the analyses of the variables for which missing data are observed.
Prior to 1992, property insurance computer models had been used in some reinsurance analyses-and to a lesser extent by individual insurance companies--in their analyses relative to property insurance exposures.
Suppliers will customize spectrometers for the chemical analyses your foundry and customers require;
Cost-effectiveness analyses have become a pervasive element of health care.
Use tables, graphs, charts and written analyses to support conclusions about original hypotheses based upon collected data; compare and contrast alternative conclusions based on the same data.
Mapping where genes lie in chromosomes is now done through selective breeding experiments or by analyses of animals with many offspring.
We recently shared with Monsanto chromatograms of a urine sample with low levels of AM as determined by all three analyses and provided sufficient information with which to evaluate the methodology.