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Contrary to Ernhart's comment, prenatal lead exposure was not significantly associated with children's IQ scores in adjusted analyses (Lanphear et al.
In addition, traditional laboratory analyses are useful for special cause investigations--such as contaminant or damage/failure analysis--valuable to both supplier and paper maker," Hawes continued.
More powerful computers are now able to generate models and solve analyses more quickly than ever before.
Long ago, in their classic discussion of research design, Donald Campbell and Julian Stanley said that the time-series design "rarely has accepted status in the enumerations of available experimental designs in the social sciences" The obvious inability of simplistic historical approaches to establish "experimental isolation"--to rule out other factors that might have influenced the observed outcomes--opens up results from such analyses to significant interpretative questions.
But the more interesting and useful application of class analyses to racial processes is the recognition and articulation of their contingent, protean and relational nature, and that of all historical processes.
These analyses of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) aim to raise awareness of the challenges faced by career counselors and to identify possibilities for advancing the profession.
Abaqus introduced a fourth product in January, Abaqus/Foundation, for midrange analyses. Abaqus/Foundation is a subset of Abaqus/Standard.
Moreover, in this study, one person performed all of the statement analyses. In future studies, it would prove useful to determine if a group of trained evaluators can consistently identify lack of conviction and extraneous information in the same statements.
Addressing the issue of missing data is important because it can impact subsequent analyses, discussions and conclusions.
Armed with these types of information, they can construct a detailed competitive positioning matrix for the company and its key competitors, considering a variety of vital issues and factors, providing ready comparison of important players, and enabling development of gap analyses and other types of evaluations.
Moreover, packaged applications that leverage the capabilities of OLAP are available to help coordinate strategic analyses such as performance management and process-specific analyses such as financial analysis, as well as customer and partner relationship analysis across an entire organization.
Most capital-budgeting projects or merger-and-acquisition analyses involve a minimum of three financial scenarios: best-case, most-likely or worst-case outcomes.

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