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In all, analyses of the results of the nonparametric and parametric analyses agreed.
In addition to the examination of specific research hypotheses, existing data sets may also be used to cross-validate exploratory analyses in ongoing studies, to test complex statistical models, and in special circumstances to provide comparison groups for experimental studies.
In addition, traditional laboratory analyses are useful for special cause investigations--such as contaminant or damage/failure analysis--valuable to both supplier and paper maker," Hawes continued.
What sets the software apart from midplane analyses, winch provide information only on the fraction of the part cross-section occupied by gas, is that it shows details of plastic wall-thickness variations around the circumference of the gas channel, especially in bends.
3; that is, the company has fleshed out the product with additional features, particularly "intermediate-level analyses," such as vibration analysis and, for the static analysis of a free body, Inertia Relief.
Bioinformatic analyses, like logo analysis, may prove useful in obtaining further data from the large M.
It usually is expressed as a percentage that is calculated by dividing the standard deviation obtained from a number of analyses of an element divided by the average of the readings.
Most analyses are based on a "cross-sectional" association between the level of compensation, on one hand, and firm performance and size on the other.
Cluster analyses were also performed on confirmed and probable case data.

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