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In order to test question 1, paired samples t-tests and one-within repeated measure analyses were conducted across two measures: pretest and posttest (Maxwell & Delaney, 1990; Stevens, 1996; SPSS, 2003).
More powerful computers are now able to generate models and solve analyses more quickly than ever before.
Abaqus introduced a fourth product in January, Abaqus/Foundation, for midrange analyses.
Moreover, in this study, one person performed all of the statement analyses.
Digital data, such as spoligotyping, mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit (24), and variable number tandem repeat analyses (25), will probably form the basis for any large DNA fingerprinting projects in the future (26).
In their paper they concluded that "hair mineral analysis from these laboratories was unreliable," and recommended "that health care practitioners refrain from using such analyses to assess individual nutritional status or suspected environmental exposures" (p.
It usually is expressed as a percentage that is calculated by dividing the standard deviation obtained from a number of analyses of an element divided by the average of the readings.
The spatial statistic, s analyses clearly yielded a nonrandom distribution of HGE within the 12-town area.
The future of all DNA analyses looks promising as techniques for smaller-scale and higher-throughput testing become available.
Green sand analyses at two foundries provide a way to determine the extent of agglomeration, helping to solve defects and evaluate material or equipment changes to your sand.
SigmaStat for DOS, Windows (including Windows networks), and Macintosh provides a wide range of statistical calculations, including ANOVA, correlation, chi square, and linear or nonlinear regression analyses.

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