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The probability calculated from the analysis of variance was less than 0,05, indicating that there is a significant difference in the average of the modulus of elasticity (see Table 11, Figure 7 (a)) and yield stress (see Table 12, Figure 8 (a)) in formulations 17 and 18.
In analysis of variance indicated that the effect of experimental treatments on seedling height, on diameter collar, on leaf surface and on the ratio root to shoot in level of statistical 1% is significant also analysis of variance showed that only the main effect degree density at the probability of 1% on root volume and on root surface is significant (Table 1).
The analysis of variance indicates that site index factor has a highly significant effect on the compressive strength at the 99.9 percent confidence level.
A Friedman analysis of variance revealed no statistically significant difference in mean ranks of competencies identified on the course syllabi, [chi square] (22, N=9)=9.69, p=.99.
The focus of the analysis of variance is upon variances.
That there are significant intercountry differences in capital structure among the top 500 European companies is further confirmed by the high F ratio of 11.646 (significant at less than the 0.01% level) obtained in a one-way analysis of variance when intercountry variations in equity capital percentage are compared to within country variation (Table 13 in the appendix shows the pairwise T-tests for intercountry comparisons of mean equity percentages).
The rival hypothesis was tested with oneway analysis of variance. The aptitude treatment interaction (ATI) statistical design (Borich, 1986; Pedhazur, 1982) was used to test the experimental hypotheses.
Analysis consisted of one-way analysis of variance (with post-hoc Scheffe tests) of AIDS knowledge by school, and by amount of education (no education, 23.2%; 1-3 hours, 35.9%, four or more hours, 40.9%), gender, and previous sexual experience (yes or no).
Mild departure from the assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variance among the cells poses no serious problem in interpreting the outcome of an analysis of variance when the n's are equal.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA TM) results are summarized available upon request.
His topics include examining data: tables and figures, probability and introduction to hypotheses testing, testing the different between two means, one-way and two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), and linear regression and multiple correlation.

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