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Table 1: Summary of analysis of variance effect treatments on plant growth parameters.
The analysis of variance indicates that site index factor has a highly significant effect on the compressive strength at the 99.
A Friedman analysis of variance revealed no statistically significant difference in mean ranks of competencies identified on the course syllabi, [chi square] (22, N=9)=9.
The focus of the analysis of variance is upon variances.
Tables 7 and 8 summarize the results of a series of one-way analysis of variance tests.
Analysis of variance of AIDS education score with hours of education, school, and gender as cofactors and with age controlled for as a covariate is reported in Table 1.
Since this is a common practice, a numerical example is presented here to illustrate the rationale of the method together with the necessary calculations for the analysis of variance table.
Other topics are significance tests, linear regression models, the analysis of variance, categorical data analysis, the logistic regression model, the Poisson regression model, survival analysis, and the analysis of correlated data.
The analysis of Variance technique abbreviated as ANOVA, has various kinds: the simplest is unilateral analysis of variance which is a tool for examination of a factor and independent variable.
Chapters are included on statistical power, power of confidence interval, analysis of variance, linear regression, multivariate analysis, multi-level models, complex multi-level models, meta-analysis, structural equation models, and longitudinal studies.

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