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Chapter 2 provides a historical survey of the analytic tradition.
But to Company B, those same two risks, when scored by an analytic model that incorporates nontraditional variables (such as years of driving experience, salvage history of the vehicle and traffic levels on the driver's street) with traditional variables of a class plan, might represent significantly different levels of risk requiring significantly different rates.
After an extensive evaluation, in which the FSIS reviewed several analytic solutions, ProClarity's open analytic platform proved to be the most powerful technology for delivering multiple applications with minimal training, to meet the unique needs of individual users and leverage existing data systems.
Before describing the analytic considerations for analyzing breast milk for environmental chemicals, we need to list the analytes of interest.
Lisska's book provides a detailed explication of Thomistic natural law ethics, using categories taken from analytic philosophy in order to provide a moral theory that is clear and coherent enough to be persuasive to serious contemporary secular moralists.
NEW YORK -- Radar Logic Incorporated ("Radar Logic") today announced its launch as a technology-driven analytic and data business focused on providing a broad range of daily indices and analytic tools to serve as the basis for true derivatives markets in non-commodity assets.
wireless provider increased contract renewals by 50 percent after it proactively contacted selected customers based on analytic intelligence that provided clues to when they were likely to terminate their wireless contract.
Announced today is Spotfire DXP, a stunningly visual, interactive analytic application that speeds data interaction for all business professionals.
Analytic Domains collect advanced real-time performance data from NetScout Probes and continuously analyze the information to detect abnormal behaviors (anomalies).
After a thorough evaluation of BPM vendors, Cognos selected Lombardi TeamWorks to incorporate BPM functionality into its Analytic Applications because of its workflow, visibility and collaboration capabilities," said Rod Favaron, president and chief executive officer of Lombardi Software.
ProClarity for SharePoint Portal Server -- A SharePoint Web Part that displays interactive ProClarity analytic views within a SharePoint Portal system.
With marketing decision makers continuing to explore new ways to reach critical consumer targets cost effectively, the demand for increasingly integrated, comprehensive marketing analytic solutions is growing at an incredible pace," said Bill Duffy, iKnowtion founder and managing partner.

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