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A research team, headed by Dr Goda Ramadan and members Mona al-Jaber, Najat al-Malak and Ali Saad, has prepared a comprehensive research plan on developing highly efficient analytical method to estimate the residues of 120 pesticides in vegetables and fruits.
Early efforts toward developing meaningful and reliable analytical methods that characterize pathways of chemical and physical instability are especially useful in conjunction with forced degradation studies.
Chemical matrix effects are those due to interferences from the analytical method.
Dr Leighton Jones (Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association) demonstrates how VAM principles were employed in the development of a new analytical method for detecting Sudan I in food products.
The paper by Anczkiewicz and Thirlwall is a technical paper dealing with improved analytical methods for preparing garnet for Sm-Nd analyses.
The award is presented to a scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to analytical method development in an area of interest to AOAC.
Analytical methods for biological monitoring of exposure to pesticides: a review.
focusing on more specific issues, such as modernizing the construction and maritime PEts or standardizing sampling and analytical methods to ensure that employers and employees are receiving reliable data on employee exposures.
In general, analytical methods can be said to consist of a measurement stage which may or may not be preceded by an isolation stage.
Conventional analytical methods are very resource-intensive since they are based on the cultivation of bacteria, followed by confirmation procedures that utilize a whole series of different tests.
Besides economic history and historical demography social history belonged to those sub-disciplines which have offered most opportunities for the application of analytical methods.
Analytical methods currently being applied have been assessed during proficiency testing organised by the Commission, with the aim of amending existing regulations with a list of minimal technical requirements to be fulfilled by all EU laboratories engaged in this field (customs labs, ministries, etc).

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