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Chabi Orou of African University of Science and Technology, Abuja for his time, useful discussions and help in the analytical study of this problem.
a Mittal Publication makes an in analytical study of the growth of caste system, its gradual entry into politics and its effect on the Reservation policy.
They backed the proposal from the Maldives, Comoros, Tuvalu, Micronesia and other countries for "a detained analytical study of the relationship between climate change and human rights," to be conducted by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Newman (Instructor of Information Systems in the College of Information Technology at Georgia Southern University) provides a coherent, systematic, and comprehensive analytical study of cybercrime, E-commerce, and Internet activities that could be used to exploit the Internet, the computers, and the various electronic devices employed by individuals, by government agencies, and by corporations.
METHODS: Prospective, descriptive and analytical study of susceptibility data of anaerobic organisms isolated from clinical specimens at Johannesburg Hospital.
Finding Robert Johnson: The Official Guide To The CrossGuitar Method And Secret Devil Tuning by Gene Roebuck (who spent several years deciphering the music of Robert Johnson) is a remarkable combination of biography and analytical study of this amazing musician's unique style of guitar tuning.
Countryman is not arguing against historical or analytical study.
The article was intended to be an analytical study of the morphology of the Greek capital of the kind Antoniou had done for the AR previously (October 1999, April 2001, March 2003).
This unique Welsh-medium degree, to be offered by the offered by the University's Department of Communication and Media, will combine academic analytical study with practical and vocational training in film and the media.
Chemostrat analyses rock samples in the UK and provides a scientific report for each analytical study.
The analytical study of the issues in both programs will not only help improve existing IL programs but will also lead to further program development at a higher level.
There are dubious quotations, and the text implies much wider and deeper sources than indicated by either the sparse footnotes or limited (twenty-four-item) bibliography For example, Bruning apparently makes use of Russian materials, but provides no precise indication of their sources, in either footnote or bibliography Certainly, this is not an analytical study and there is also a clear lack of balance.

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