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Coming strongly on the side of "moderate intentionalism"--a term introduced by scholars in analytic philosophy but beautifully developed by Swirski in the context of literary studies--Literature, Analytically Speaking develops a series of arguments against interpreting artworks in terms of "hypothetical intentionalism" (grounded in the heuristic of an implied author).
Furthermore, less analytically mature companies are much more likely to perceive their data sources as accurate and reliable than organizations with more developed analytics capabilities.
Ability to think conceptually and analytically with strong skills in problem solving and conflict resolution.
Setting scripture in a firm and well-researched historical context, and meticulously noting the nuances of translation as well as which scriptures are considered apocryphal by which churches other factors influencing their interpretation, Jesus' Family Values makes every effort to analytically answer the questions: What were Jesus Christ's family values, and those of his apostles?
This study factor analytically examined the convergence of three questionnaires used in previous research to measure night-sky related attitudes and behaviors in a sample of 72 college students.
A Study Of Major Political Thinkers In France From The Seventeenth To The Twentieth Century analytically surveys the French Revolution, Liberalism, Socialism and Maurras, as the French ideals took on effective attributes and influences.
The contest encourages students to think and write analytically about significant events and individuals in American history.
Taysi adds that most tax software is designed to fill out specific forms--such as sales tax, state and federal taxes and payroll taxes--and not to collect information that can be used analytically.
The authors examine each problem analytically and numerically; many chapters end with an appendix outlining relevant numerical techniques.
Kleinberger (WG&L, 2005), comprehensively and analytically addresses the critical issues facing tax advisers on the formation, operation and dissolution of limited liability companies (LLCs) and other vehicles, such as limited liability partnerships and limited liability limited partnerships.
The critical thickness (tc) is determined analytically in terms of thermal conductivity (k) of insulating material and the heat transfer coefficient (h) of air.
Analytically deep and controversial, Shermer shows readers how morality is deeply embedded in our being and behavior.