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While many tests have been completed under those conditions, the publications did not provide analyzable data; those data have probably been irretrievably lost to future researchers.
It follows then that the atom must be a dimensionless, point-like spatial-entity, for the point is the only spatial entity that is not further analyzable or reducible to a simpler spatial-entity, hence, the atom is defined as the indivisible space-occupying entity.
The following fit hypothesis broadens the Keller approach to include information richness as an explanatory effect operating within analyzable environments.
Our corpus has more than 50 analyzable types present in hundreds of tokens.
And, departments with analyzable search process and very few unexpected tasks should adopt a "routine technology," and so on.
36 contributors from a dozen countries produced this practical reference book on all major topics of food compounds analyzable by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
Although this survey did not provide any statistically analyzable data, it does demonstrate some thought provoking trends in this specialty.
Macroeconomics becomes, on this view, a philosophically motivated attempt to model relationships that are not analyzable by reduction to their constituent parts alone.
Generally, the evidence is quantitative, analyzable, and collected over time.
A link exists between organization structure and technology, and some researchers believed that the relationship between technology and structure depends on two dimensions of technologies: the degree of variability of stimuli (problems) and the degree to which the search procedure (search for a solution) is analyzable (routine).
PCR is a technique for amplifying small quantities of genetic material into "large quantities of accessible, identifiable, and analyzable material" that can be used to help diagnose diseases and detect pathogens.
Uniquely, Medidata Grants Manager's database, PICAS([R]), and CRO Contractor's database, CROCAS([R]), contain hundreds of thousands of data elements derived from actual negotiated contracts, analyzable at any combination of therapeutic level, phase or geography, in easy-to-use computer-based analytic tools.