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The qualification "novel" is important here; indeed, although expressions such as writer, reader or blackboard are (highly) analyzable, they are also clearly (highly) institutionalized as no special contextual world-knowledge has to be evoked to trigger the analyzability process.
Analyzable practice and doctor: An independent practice with more than one doctor and with multiple or no group affiliations.
They are forms of acting in the world that can only be partially incorporated in the processes of thinking in the mind (explicit or analyzable knowledge).
Nonetheless, they have in common certain general functional and structural attributes that are recognizable, analyzable, and predictable.
Analyzable data at such low velocities could not be found.
By that time, Twitter was enormous in several respects: in its volume of tweets, in its high public profile, and finally in the presumptive value of the collected tweets as a searchable, analyzable database.
In [5] a similar work to our paper has been developed for obtaining analyzable Petri Net models from UML sequence diagrams and statecharts.
It's aim is to make both types of data and information searchable, and analyzable.
Norovirus was confirmed as the cause of 355 outbreaks; of these reports, 275 (77%) provided analyzable data.
Results were quantified in terms of average analyzable metaphases per field at x400 magnification (Table 1).
Technology analysts extol the importance of making enterprise information actionable; that is, available and analyzable on demand for a full, timely picture of potential problems and new opportunities.
The limitations of our study included the relatively small sample size and the fact that only 20 specimens (of the expected 28) were analyzable.