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Well-written cases motivate and engage students as they analyze relevant issues from multiple perspectives.
Moreover, the suite's Fatigue Module can now analyze low cycle fatigue, as well as simulate performance under anticipated cyclic loading conditions over a part's or an assembly's anticipated life span.
The CDC previously declined Monsanto's request that they analyze the original samples using a modified method with confirmatory ions.
Thus when you analyze the health behaviors you have a built-in bias due to missing data.
what types of metal will you analyze with the spectrometer?
He adds that his database could be used right now to collect and analyze data from just about all the nursing home management software on the market -- but he doubts that will happen.
Because the first option cannot be used to study humans, scientists studying the human genome must analyze large families, which can be hard to find.
The unique ability to combine configuration and business constraints with multiple workload analysis into one roadmap makes CiRBA the most comprehensive way to analyze data center changes.
Furthermore, our laboratory is certified to analyze human biological samples according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (1988), which requires extensive quality control and assurance, semiannual blinded proficiency testing, continued verification and documentation of operational parameters, and recertification every 2 years.
Results from survey data and from content analysis of semi-structured interview responses suggest that a showcase portfolio tool may be most influential on physician's skills and abilities to critically analyze their own clinical performance.
It used a 170-cm Hilger Littrow spectrograph with a spark source to analyze brass and other copper alloys and to control their composition.
Analyze the relationship of events and ideas that have shaped the history of the U.