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Hanna is evaluating instruments that can analyze compounds with very low parts per million of elements as well as compounds that are very highly loaded (e.
The CityGreen/ArcView combination allows planners, engineers, local citizen groups, and natural-resource managers to map local ecosystems and analyze their values.
Seven survey items were also developed to better understand whether the portfolio experience improved any of the following aspects of self-directed learning: self understanding, ability to be responsible for own learning, tolerance of risk, ambiguity and complexity in learning, efforts to analyze own professional practices, ability to critically analyze own work, number of medical discussions with colleagues, and number of self-study hours.
Optimizer leverages integer programming techniques to analyze application utilization patterns and generate different scenarios for server consolidation across the entire enterprise infrastructure, or across just a subset.
Now you're talking hard-core simulation power and computational sophistication to analyze products," says Evans.
These machines could analyze several elements in minutes.
The new technique gives scientists the chance to analyze DNA of thousands of individual sperm, each with different genetic shufflings.
When this argument is applied to curriculum, it is argued that theory enables administrators to analyze and evaluate curriculum for its various effects, and not simply to understand how a particular curriculum prepares K-12 students for standardized tests.