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Fourth, students analyzed a total of five cases from pretest to posttest.
In this instance, the available data can be analyzed and reliable statistics obtained.
In measuring solids such as plastic pellets and thin films, XRF has the same detection sensitivity - down to a few parts per million - as classic elemental analysis techniques such as atomic absorption spectroscopy, which require samples to be dissolved in a solvent before they can be analyzed.
Those data then will be analyzed by trained Health Outcomes Management staff and the comparative results reported to participants.
The value of each structure can be analyzed based on how it reacts to a natural event such as a rainstorm or heat wave.
To offset the effects of smoking, the researchers analyzed separately data on all cancers, female breast cancers, smoking-related cancers (defined as those of the mouth, larynx, lung, pharynx, and esophagus), and all nonsmoking-related cancers.
Using this method, we analyzed the same CEO cash compensation data over the same time period.
Also, contrary to Gustafson's claim, we have not yet analyzed any field samples from other agricultural areas using our new method.
Computerized Content Analysis The total word count for each interview transcript analyzed by the GI (n = 4) was 445, 191,500 and 281 words.
Also, many foundries had their samples analyzed by outside laboratories, which was time-consuming, thereby causing melts to be poured without knowledge of the chemical composition until several hours or even days later.
Often data are not fully analyzed, especially when unexpected research questions emerge after the end of the project's funding period.