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Fourth, students analyzed a total of five cases from pretest to posttest.
In this instance, the available data can be analyzed and reliable statistics obtained.
Those data then will be analyzed by trained Health Outcomes Management staff and the comparative results reported to participants.
of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales in
Also, contrary to Gustafson's claim, we have not yet analyzed any field samples from other agricultural areas using our new method.
Computerized Content Analysis The total word count for each interview transcript analyzed by the GI (n = 4) was 445, 191,500 and 281 words.
Also, many foundries had their samples analyzed by outside laboratories, which was time-consuming, thereby causing melts to be poured without knowledge of the chemical composition until several hours or even days later.
The AIDS-linked virus known as HTLV-o was analyzed in a collaboration of scientists at the Nation Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.
Wherever possible, the data was analyzed to compare not only Hispanics and the overall population, but the non-Hispanic population as well.
American Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenue
Often data are not fully analyzed, especially when unexpected research questions emerge after the end of the project's funding period.
As expected, the highest percent MB is reported for the 200, 270 and pan, which was analyzed as a composite sample because of its limited weight.