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The analyzer also includes a color COD camera to locate, specify and save the image together with the chemical analysis of an individual component.
Deep Log Analyzer supports W3C extended log file format used in IIS (Window s hosting) and Combined Log Format (CLF) used in Apache web server (Unix/Linux hosting).
Platform Analyzer -- is a web-based operational reporting tool for system performance.
Additional information on Thermo Electron's family of Niton XRF analyzers and accessories is available online at www.
in Bedford, Ohio, says improperly trained employees are likely to overestimate the accuracy of an XRF analyzer and misunderstand its limitations.
He suggests looking for an analyzer that makes you think "you're making the right choice for your own operation" based on the manner in which you're going to use the instrument.
Therefore, the search for the right analyzer begins with one question: What materials do I commonly handle?