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FORUM for case study learning: Analyzing research reports in a computer conferencing environment.
These findings emphasize that business communicators need an effective means of obtaining, analyzing and evaluating strategic intelligence about competitors and the industry in which they do business--information that clearly helps communicators understand the plans and actions of competitors (and others) and, as a result, helps them make their own effective, competitive plans and take action.
has designed a comparable large analyzing machine, and Universal has purchased six of the units in order to update and upgrade its analyzing department after the September fire.
They offer more capability when analyzing lighter elements.
This new high-tech system for analyzing urban ecosystems is available to any community that has a high-speed personal computer.
While analyzing the London data, Schwartz learned that Philadelphia and Steubenville, Ohio, had 10 years' worth of daily particulate readings.
Analyzing such existing data sets can therefore provide a cost-effective means to test specific hypotheses that have not been adequately examined.
Using assignments that utilize theory and practice--such as creating curriculum development processes, generalizing beyond the K-12 curriculum, and analyzing a curriculum--accomplishes this.