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We have mentioned briefly some of the results obtained from the analysis of frequency of appearance for some of the categories of our system analyzing instructional interaction in virtual spaces of learning.
The analyzing power of the detector can be defined by the polarizing ratio:
"Laboratory analysis plays an important role in analyzing used fabrics," added Kufferath's Niessen.
The overall approach for imputation is to decide on what is the preferable approach for different data scenarios prior to analyzing any data.
Analyzing arguments means to state implicit, unclear, or missing assumptions.
Competitive intelligence is a systematic, ethical process of monitoring a competitive environment by collecting and analyzing information that can affect the plans, decisions and activities of a business or organization.
This way they know there is a professional keeping track of die boiler's maintenance history, analyzing problems, and trouble-shooting to prevent possible breakdowns," he advises.
The memorandum proposes that through the use of statistical sampling, an estimate generated from analyzing only a portion of a taxpayer's M&E account may be used to project the expected amount of incorrect bookings made to a large M&E account.
It is quite natural that Florida, with its enormous and universal exposure to hurricanes, has taken the lead in analyzing the inner workings of hurricane insurance models that are used there.
For a more useful approach to analyzing education, I recommend a new report from Educational Testing Service, The Twin Challenges of Mediocrity and Inequality: Literacy in the U.S.
Realizing that these bombs had the potential to kill or injure hundreds of employees and cause millions of dollars in damage, FBI agents from the NCAVC and the FBI Academy's Behavioral Science Unit immediately began analyzing the recording of the call.
For the past several years, Universal Metal has relied on large analyzing units made by Kevex that are highly regarded for their ability to analyze larger samples and to accurately analyze a wide spectrum of materials.