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Given this evidence of an anamnestic response and the likelihood that most of the RBC mass now consisted of incompatible RBCs, the decision to proceed with ARE was made.
Of these, only 7 (7%) had anti-HBs concentrations greater than 10 mIU/mL at the time they were given the booster, and only about half (45, or 47%) had anamnestic anti-HBs responses at 14 days after the booster (defined as an increase in anti-HBs concentration greater than 10 mIU/mL).
Apart from that, the DNA vaccination had primed for a significant anamnestic response to protein antigen.
The only exception is the rare situation where a person may have been exposed to a different flavivirus, and the anamnestic response upon exposure to WNV results in the production of high avidity IgG.
Certain patients may evoke in us unrecognized anamnestic responses.
Radiologic examinations did not reveal any sign of frontal fracture, despite evidence of anamnestic childhood cranial trauma (figure 2).
Finally then, Consolo's work constitutes a deterritorializing, minoritarian practice capable of questioning the oblivion of late capitalism by re-inscribing the anamnestic power of the fragment in the historical novel and, with it, the emancipatory potential of memory in today's culture.
Ansar Haroun did not reveal even the most elementary anamnestic data about the defendant he examined ("Delusions of Psychiatrists," April 2003, P.
The Spearman correlation coefficient was calculated for the relationship between laboratory data and the anamnestic variables.
More important, Heineman Pieper and Tyson seem to be missing a critical point: There are other ways to carry out qualitative research that are less benign than anamnestic (post-hoc) recording.
Color plays an anamnestic role here, causing feelings linked to memory to surge and reemerge.