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Prevalence (in %) of TMD symptoms according to the Anamnestic Dysfunction Index (Ai) reported by 10-and 15-year-old subjects in 1983, 1993 and 2003.
In a recent study involving our staff, Blood Systems Research Institute in San Francisco, and the CDC, the described anamnestic response was encountered in samples from blood donors (a manuscript addressing this study's findings is in preparation).
The anamnestic interview shows that his physical condition is unchanged, but notes a well-being both physical and mental after stopping physical training.
The PCV also elicits a T-dependent immune response that leads to anamnestic response on challenge and is effective in infants.
4)] which comprised orthopantomograms, study models and anamnestic and clinical data, were explored for hypodontia.
Health status was assessed by a physician with an anamnestic interview and a questionnaire covering diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and gastro-intestinal systems, the thyroid, the liver, as well as metabolic diseases and psychiatric disorders.
Because a rapid anamnestic response is expected, an animal is considered currently vaccinated immediately after a booster vaccination.
In addition, IRGAs require only one patient visit, assess responses to multiple antigens simultaneously, do not boost anamnestic immune responses, provide results within a day, and greatly reduce interreader variability.
In our experience, they have all had detectable ELISA antibody levels after that during that anamnestic response period.
It elicits a T-independent immune response that does not lead to anamnestic response on challenge, and it does not reduce nasopharyngeal colonization of S pneumoniae.
Reexposure to HBV leads to an anamnestic response and rarely to a subclinical infection.