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It is not known whether an anamnestic response always occurs after antigen reexposure and whether the timing of the response is identical for all antigens.
plasma-derived vaccine in children: immunogenicity and anamnestic responses.
The first vaccine dose elicited a slight rise in the levels of systemic IgG1 and IgG2 antiviral antibodies, early as 18DPV, and the revaccination (25 DPV) induced a typical anamnestic response of both isotypes, which was characterized by a sharp increase in the levels of these antibody isotypes after 32 to 60DPV (Figure 1).
An anamnestic response is where exposure to the second agent leads to an upregulation in the production of antibodies to the agent of primary exposure.
Serologic results suggest an anamnestic response to ZIKV infection, likely stemming from their vaccination with YFV.
The concentration of viral antigen used in the preadsorption step of the ELISA was determined by using high-titer plasma from 2 recently vaccinated vaccinia-immune persons obtained at the peak (day 21) of the anamnestic response with ELISA titers that were [approximately equal to] 10-fold higher than the highest convalescent-phase samples used in the rest of the experiments.
On revaccination with the same preparation, persons previously given the vaccine with adjuvant had an anamnestic response, while persons given the unadjuvanted vaccine again had a poor response.