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The ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic lenses offer unique optical characteristics.
But the international price of anamorphic art is in the millions," he added.
In post-September 11 films like Deja Vu (Buena Vista, 2006) or in television series like Heroes (NBC, 2006-) that use time travel for anamorphic purposes, the anamorphic turn serves an evidently comforting ideological purpose, by suggesting that something as seemingly incomprehensible and traumatic as a terrorist attack actually has a deep and stable inner logic (one, moreover, the viewer holds no responsibility for).
The last three chapters take us through a detailed account of the uses of spatial and visual illusions as well as anamorphic and changing images in the works of three contemporary representative members of the Society of Jesus.
which is helping to promote this anamorphic technology.
Anamorphic art is a technique of extreme perspective distortion in painting or drawing (a shadow is a good example) and is part of projective geometry--a non-Euclidean geometry.
Fanatics of disco and bad movies--to say nothing of bad disco movies--can rejoice that Can't Stop the Music has been released at last on DVD, allowing the film to be seen in its full, insane, anamorphic glory for the first time since its 1980 theatrical release.
OPEN YOUR EYES: Fox Home Entertainment has just released new DVD versions of six of its titles with both DTS and Dolby Digital sound and new anamorphic transfers.
One of the most engaging results of this interdisciplinary venture is Lukacher's discussion of what he calls Shakespeare's "anamorphic" images, verbal analogues of the anamorphic visual styles being revived in Elizabeth's court.
Chamber one was shot in 70mm for the aerials then 35mm anamorphic blown up for the projections.
Anamorphic Micro is a software package which allows anorexics to digitally alter their body image.