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In fact, the many vanishing acts in Core Samples from the World complicate any natural proportions an anamorphose may render.
32) Elle donne acces a de nouvelles perspectives sur le roman, que l'on decouvre comme anamorphose du seminaire sur I'anamorphose, pretexte qui permet de retablir l'optique dans les bonnes proportions et ainsi de mieux lire.
Besides, as in anamorphoses, we have a reversal in perspective which occurs after the spectator has moved laterally in front of the painting, the movement being here the metaphorical visual journey through the photograph that both the narrator and the reader make during their simultaneous reading of the picture.
Most important, it is through Marcello's generalization that Simonetta's private experience is turned into a social ill, as her physical disfigurement anamorphoses the cultural perception of the pregnant woman as the mask of female ugliness.
Imtiaz Habib's Shakespeare's Pluralistic Concepts of Character loosely relates a genre of Renaissance experimental paintings and drawings known as anamorphoses to Shakespeare's representations of character.
La reference au passe, a la nostalgie collective et au reve, connotee par les anamorphoses et les ombres portees, s'impregne de references culturelles a peine voilees.
20) Ce film sera l'occasion pour le cineaste d'employer des filtres colores degrades, des miroirs courbes, de renouer avec des techniques comme le glass painting, de proceder a des distorsions et des anamorphoses qui seront reprises dans nombre de ses longs metrages suivants: La Ville des Pirates (1983), Les Trois Couronnes du matelot (1983).
Similarly, James Turner likens the images of the bulging brain and arched eyebrows in stanza 1, and the distorted images in the meadow and the wood sections, to anamorphoses, "slanted portraits which seem normal when viewed from the side" (78).
Yet, as he ultimately points out, the narrative only offers "promises of anamorphosis," "partial anamorphoses," but no "definitive anamorphosis" (163).
But like anamorphoses designed for the eye of the camera, various poles, boards, bowls, grilles, and the like have been arranged in the depths of the room to create a play of light on the arranged objects that produces the illusion of a coherent reality that is completely different from what's actually been photographed.