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It expressed concern that the institution's occupational health providers "have not proved supportive or proactive in dealing with the anaphylactic shock, much to the disappointment of the CU liaison officer".
With anaphylactic shock, we see a lot of reaction to insect stings and bites, and food, including peanuts and egg.
3% incidence of anaphylactic shock following surgical removal of hydatid cyst [2] Overall, during medical and surgical procedures, muscle relaxants have been shown to be responsible for 60%-70% of anaphylaxis cases, latex for 10%-20%, Antibiotics for 5%-20%, and colloids and induction agents for about 3%-5% of cases
He went into sudden anaphylactic shock and paramedics were unable to save him.
was given a peanut by a classmate and almost immediately reached anaphylactic shock.
But some people report it is like being struck by an electric shock, while others can go into anaphylactic shock.
I almost died and ended up in intensive care - that was the worst anaphylactic shock I've ever had.
Now, two recent studies suggest that patients treated with aprotinin could be at higher risk of serious health problems including kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, anaphylactic shock and even death.
He suffered anaphylactic shock in which his airways swelled.
He suffered an anaphylactic shock in which his airways swelled and unless he received immediate treatment would have led to death.
Disguised as an additive called "carmine," the insects can cause a severe allergic reaction or even anaphylactic shock in sensitive people.