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Well, it's not quite as anarchic as I might have liked it to be,'' says the (mad)man who made ``The Howling,'' ``Gremlins'' and ``Explorers.
A computer-art pioneer, Viner has focused (since 1990) on the production of kinetic installations, whose quasi-minimalist forms are typically infused with an anarchic, often subtly perverse, sensibility.
I'm told that Carlton television is planning to show late-night re-runs of the anarchic programme, hosted by Chris Tarrant and Sally James, on ITV.
BBC America's ``The League of Gentlemen'' returns for a third season, and though the troupe is only half the size of ``Monty Python's Flying Circus,'' 30-plus years of TV comedy have allowed them to be at least twice as demented and anarchic.
Both filmed in 1931, Be Big and Laughing Gravy feature the hilariously anarchic antics of the chalk and cheese characters.
For if Untitled: Pissing seems to invoke a literally phallic unification of the visual field, it simultaneously presents the phallus as a "part object"--a bodily fragment whose anarchic equivalencies undo both corporeal unity and fixed identity--recoding the masculine body as a producer of flows and locating the aesthetic gesture not in the realm of mastery but in a loss of bodily control.
But seen in movie theaters or on TV (as many of these pieces were in Ahtila's native Finland) in the form of anarchic inserts between trailers or advertisements, they disrupt the flow of commercial narrative.
The hallmark of these bilateral ties is that both states, existing under an anarchic order, framed their partnership in accordance with neo-realism, with the objective of achieving maximum advantage to assure their security interests.
This paper aims to apply that anarchic philosophy in an academic-based environment, while teaching Software Project Management, and adapting these principles to a computer science study field.
He said: "The first clinical records on Anarchic Hand date back to 1908, when German physician Kurt Goldstein reported a patient who could not control her right hand and claimed it had a will of its own.
Those who remember Mackintosh as the anarchic punk rocker in The Buddha of Suburbia and the vicious drug lord of Prime Suspect 5 will be startled by his convincing performance as Kim; and, in a far cry from his stylized Merchant-Ivory days (A Room With a View, Maurice), Graves is electric as the volatile Paul.
And with a comedy voice-over cast headed up by Eric Idle, and featuring Nigel Planer (Neil is in the anarchic cult BBC comedy series, The Young Ones), Discworld II is unbeatable CD-ROM entertainment.