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ANARCHY. The absence of all political government; by extension, it signifies confusion in government.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In addition, Axe is bringing the Anarchy "experience" to fans on and via "Anarchy: The Graphic Novel," a comic series designed by Aspen Comics.
Thomas Hogarty presents "three cases of anarchy": confined rodents that have been separated from their packs; the children depicted in William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies (New York: Capricorn, 1959); and Andersonville prison.
While Fighting Immigration Anarchy may frighten some with its startling stories and shocking statistics, its profiles of courageous leaders should serve as an inspiration to many and, as the book title so states, should encourage Americans to fight immigration anarchy.
Backdrop Designer is designed for use with Digital Anarchy Primatte Chromakeyer, a Photoshop plug-in that removes the typically green or blue solid color backgrounds from photographs.
So what, you ask, does nihilistic anarchy have to do with the current state of the domestic auto industry and its future?
Q magazine's Top 10: 1 Anarchy In The UK -Sex Pistols (1976) 2 Bohemian Rhapsody -Queen (1975) 3 I Feel Love -Donna Summer (1977) 4 Get It On -T Rex (1971) 5 Gangsters -Special AKA (1979) 6 I'm Not In Love -10cc (1975) 7 Paranoid -Black Sabbath (1970) 8 Autobahn -Kraftwerk (1970) 9 Le Freak -Chic (1978) 10 Blitzkrieg Bop -The Ramones (1976)
The Israeli defense briefer neglected to explain how a situation he described as fast approaching anarchy was allowed by Arafat to come about, when it would obviously pose a threat to his own rule and that of the Palestinian Authority.
Nah, they're waiting to be spit on, because anarchy had somehow become synonymous with the expulsion of bodily fluids and a boot to the head.
"So the option is not really between culture and anarchy, but rather between cultures and anarchy" (ibid.).
In neorealist theory, the security dilemma leads directly to the problem of relative gains: Neorealists expect states to have difficulty cooperating under anarchy because of the risk that an unequal distribution of gains from cooperation will lead to a loss of relative capability.
THIS new edition of Culture and Anarchy, seemingly the first in a projected series entitled `Rethinking the Western Tradition', is based on Arnold's 1869 text and includes commentaries by Maurice Cowling, Gerald Graff, Stephen Marcus, and the editor, Samuel Lipman.
Culture and Anarchy Major work of criticism by Arnold,Matthew , published in 1869.