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4), but instead is defined as much by perceptions about its readership as by the familiar tendencies of its literary style: '[i]t has been defined through its consumers, argued to be members of the anathematised lower middle classes' (p.
Down through the two millennia since Caesar crossed the Rubicon those victors have been men who believed that revolution had to be anathematised.
Anathematised from every classroom activity by the followers of the Audio-lingual and Direct Methods, translation has been derided both as a medium of instruction and as an appropriate skill in its own right.
Matters came to a head when the Byzantine emperor Justinian and Pope Vigilius anathematised and condemned Origen and his works, the final seal of disapproval coming from the Council of Constantinople in 553.
Alexander the Great remains, for many, an iconic figure in everyday life, prayed to by Greek fishermen, hymned by Turkish storytellers, and anathematised by Zoroastrian followers.