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He did anathematize the Ismailis and the Avicennan philosophers (one wonders at what level this may have been self-anathematization, at the very least in the latter case?
St Basil reminds us that the holy apostle St Paul dared to anathematize angels if another, or contrary gospel were preached.
It seems to me that it is easier for the churches to recognize and anathematize the heresy in certain behaviours than it is to be positive, and to recognize that a new reality -- one of ecclesial significance -- has been produced by the Spirit at work in articular moments and places.
And we anathematize those who render diverse acts of worship, one divine and one human, and who worship the man born of Mary as being different from him who is "God from God.
23) In the second, he states, "I declare that they of the seed of Abraham who live after the Law, and believe not on this our Christ before the end of their life, will not be saved, and especially they who in the synagogues have anathematized and still anathematize, those who believe on that very Christ" (47.
Martin I, after inserting in the creed an explicit statement about two natures and two wills in Christ (DS 500), went on to anathematize those who, instead of the two operations, had asserted a single, "theandric" operation (DS 515).
The pope, he says, must not only define and anathematize but teach and preach the faith to the whole world.
The man who follows English ways gets queered not because early modern Ireland is especially homophobic--for homosocial and even homoerotic bonding were everywhere in that society--but because sodomy vividly metaphorizes and anathematizes humiliating colonial submission.
19) Conducted four times a year, on the first Sunday after Michael's Feast, "Mydlenton" Sunday, the feast of the Holy Trinity, and the Sunday after Candlemass, the practice anathematizes erring parishioners "til [thorn]hei come to amendmente" (61).
Though he emphasizes prior restraints (that is, censorship), his reference in this discussion to seditious libel and to nuisance laws indicates that he anathematizes ex post punishment as well.
According to Cray-craft, "religious freedom," as enforced by the liberal state in conformity with recent Supr eme Court decisions, anathematizes orthodox religious believers.
Given that not even John Milton is immune from the political correctness that anathematizes every masculine pronoun for the Deity (e.