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It has anathematized as "separatists" both the people on Taiwan who define themselves as (Republic of) Chinese and those who think of themselves as Taiwanese.
Psycho-analytical criticism of his work is especially anathematized.
Thus even the most anathematized modern architecture--relatively new Georgian buildings slated for demolition-had a place in these texts (L.
Following spiritual guides like John Calvin, who anathematized all popular superstitions as illusions and the work of the devil, most orthodox advocates of French Protestantism held no spiritual common ground with a laity widely accepting the efficacy of ancient incantations, good luck charms, and evil hexes.
Hooker, who spent 30 years teaching at the University of California, Los Angeles, began studying homosexual men in the late 1940s, a period in which they were considered maladjusted - at best - and generally ignored or anathematized by the medical and mental health professions.
Force nearly has been anathematized in the corridors of the Pentagon.
Pursuit of individual and organizational interests are no longer defined as prima facie evidence of selfish behavior, and thus labeled capitalist and anathematized, with potentially severe political consequences.
Ever since the Cold War anathematized the atheistic Communism of the Soviet Union, "under God" was added to the pledge of allegiance.
Accompanying the photographs is an essay by Elena Poniatowska, celebrating the venues of Kahlo's "agony and death": "In those beds Frida suffered, sweated, tossed about, burned up with fever, got morphine shots, cried, cursed, anathematized.
Since then we have gained the word, sadly without shedding the thing, but since then too, archaeologists have uncovered many of the material things of those original Philistines so anathematized in the words of the Bible.
Thus, the narrative game being played in the works under discussion revolves around the problem of creating a private fictional world (theoretically corresponding, more or less, to the truths dictated by God, were He a logical atomist, which, despite quibbles that might arise within the hermeneutics of conjectural atheism, He could well be) without at the same time creating a private language of the sort anathematized by the Wittgenstein of the Investigations and which eventually denied the Joyce of Finnegans Wake a gold medal in the only Olympics that matters.