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Finally, by 1900 the MCA and other radical holiness groups embraced ecclesiastical separatism and forged churches, tabernacles, and associations distinct from Methodist and other denominations, anathematizing those denominations and anyone who did not "come out from among them.
Armas antarticas addresses seven essential aspects of the Counter-Reformation cultural project: (1) the supremacy of God's Will as that of the Creator of everything and the provident guide of history; (2) God's choice of Spain as the pre-eminent Catholic power in the world and the defender of the Catholic faith; (3) affirmation of the Spanish monarchs as the rulers who had been charged with the defense of the Catholic faith; (4) condemnation of Lucifer, who wishes to destroy the Church's work, especially in the New World; (5) demonstration of God's desire to save the indigenous peoples; (6) anathematizing of the Protestant heresy; and, (7) the teaching of doctrine, especially as it was expressed through the decrees of the Council of Trent.
Gilder, a trained economist who began life writing speeches for the liberal Republican Governor of New York, Nelson Rockefeller, and anathematizing the reactionary politics of Barry Goldwater.
Later in antiquity, by anathematizing perceived "hybrids" between the two religions the Church tacitly sanctioned and even defined Jewish orthodoxy.
Specifically, he examines the tendency of Christians, who are on a "quest for theological unity and historical continuity," to idealize the "superior character" of the Apostle Paul, through his "toxic" texts, thus subconsciously and consciously subjugating or disposing of the "other's" story, inevitably anathematizing Jews and non-Christians as a perverse alternative to the correct pathology of truth.
Daniel Steuer's exposition of Buchner's ambivalence between beauty and historical determinism and his compatibility of commitment and fatalism was another of the essays that did not yield easily on first reading, although I understood and appreciated his cuffing of the anathematizing tyrant of Buchner studies, T.
Extending Bakhtin, Anthony Gash describes this laughter as in contrast to the anathematizing strategies of the Church and of modern satire.
And when he has finished jibing at and anathematizing all social institutions, from the bourgeois family to the schools, the church, the military, and the state and, in&ed, France itself, he rebels against rebellion and, in what is perhaps the most outrageous and puzzling of his postures, slinks abjectly to the foot of the Cross.
It may shock some readers to think of John Paul II as intellectually dishonest, but Wills makes one wonder how the pope could have spent his whole adult life hawking wire-drawn justifications of the rhythm method while anathematizing pill-users unless he suffered from, at least, an advanced form of self-deception.
A bit of restraint in anathematizing Putin se ems in order, at least until he has had a chance to prove himself.
She is not a polemicist, though, or an angry female Savonarola anathematizing in the public square.
And both periodically break off into sub-cults anathematizing and waging internecine war against wayward brethren.