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The group does not discount the capabilities of other physicians conducting autopsies without being trained, qualified and certified as diplomate or fellow in anatomic or in anatomic and clinical pathology.
We conducted a retrospective study and survival analysis of the anatomic and prognostic stage groups according to the 8[sup]th edition of the AJCC cancer staging system in Luminal B HER2 negative breast cancer using data from our center to understand the application of the updated 8[sup]th edition of the AJCC cancer staging system in China.
Cases such as this one, with obvious or expected anatomic findings, which are rarely discussed in mortality and morbidity conferences, should undergo a DMA.
The company is in urologic pathology with expertise and a growing presence in the dermatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, and nephrology sectors of the anatomic pathology market.
1%) underwent sublobar resection, and 489 underwent anatomic resection (including pneumonectomy in 5 patients, lobectomy in 476 patients, and bilobectomy in 8 patients).
However, there are no clinical reports about the comprehensive comparision among the anatomic single-bundle ACL reconstruction, anatomic double-bundle ACL reconstruction, and anatomic single-bundle ACL reconstruction + anterolateral ligament reconstruction.
This study showed that the most often used form of posterior teeth was the anatomic teeth.
Each 3D reconstructed CT model was analyzed in Rapidform (3D Systems) to create a best fit sphere over the humeral head articular surface for measurement of the anatomic radius of curvature, with the center of the sphere establishing the anatomic CoR, as shown in Figure 1.
An anatomic pathology diagnostic error occurs because of a failure in one or several of the steps in the testing pathway.
The introduction of the ATTUNE Rotating Platform Knee and the Anatomic Patella bring new options for patient care," said Hannah McEwen, Ph.
The collection is the latest addition to its Ecomfort Mattress line made with EcoMemoryFoam, which Anatomic Global said is the first plant-based memory foam developed in the United States.