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Each 3D reconstructed CT model was analyzed in Rapidform (3D Systems) to create a best fit sphere over the humeral head articular surface for measurement of the anatomic radius of curvature, with the center of the sphere establishing the anatomic CoR, as shown in Figure 1.
develops and markets software solutions for the Anatomic Pathology Laboratory market segment that includes local, regional, national, and in-house laboratories as well as community and university teaching hospitals and medical centers.
Leica Biosystems, is a global leader in anatomic pathology workflow solutions and automation, striving to advance cancer diagnostics to improve patients' lives.
An anatomic pathology diagnostic error occurs because of a failure in one or several of the steps in the testing pathway.
The anatomic patella was created to help address this need, and is designed to wrap around the knee in a more natural way and improve patella tracking.
This article presents a use for the IHE methodology in the anatomic pathology domain to more fully integrate anatomic pathology laboratories into the electronic health care environment.
As such, nonmelanoma skin cancers of the ear often have postoperative defects that are relatively large compared to their anatomic area," Dr.
In this article, we describe a case in which an unusual anatomic variation of the infraorbital nerve was observed.
Many anatomic problems can be ameliorated by endoscopically removing pathology, preserving the turbinates and mucosa, and reconstructing the sinuses, Dr.
Atlas' Anatomic Pathology module offers specialized support for anatomic pathology order entry with body mass diagrams, requisitions, labels and customized reporting.
Having the ability to monitor operational efficiency in real --time is crucial to a lab's success in today's time-pressed anatomic pathology environment," notes Rick Callahan, vice president of sales and marketing for NovoPath.
For a busman's holiday, visit "Dream Anatomy," an exhibit of anatomic art at the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Md.