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Some echolocating species have close relatives that apparently possess the anatomical means to echolocate but don't use it, implying that avian echolocation is a behavior that some species simply haven't learned.
Visible Body -- the first Web-based 3D interactive model of the human body -- announced today that it now includes an additional 700 anatomical structures, and finer renderings of major organs.
erectus actually fall into two other anatomical groups that probably represent separate species, he holds.
Do we have enough anatomical knowledge to assess the validity of the information?
Biomechanical and anatomical factors work together in strange and complex combinations among individuals.
The anatomical images were inserted into a web-page and partitioned into image maps.
We do not superimpose style, but work from anatomical principles.
There is absolutely no need--and it is absolutely racist, to boot--to attribute these many varied accomplishments to "certain natural anatomical advantages.
announces the release of English version of DS ANATOMY Head & Neck musculoskeletal anatomical application for iPad.
Tenders are invited for endosurgical tools: clip anatomical Rack and pinion with atraumatic clamps anatomical "poluvolna" Rack and pinion with scissors curved on the plane dvohbranshevi, vikonchatyy of kremaleroyu clamp, needle holder straight with kremaleroyu, stick to lower the junction electrode-L-shaped hook, Clips
Anatomy 360 Degrees: The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Human Body provides an oversized, full-color 3-D reference for the human body and provides the latest technology on anatomical details, with cross-sections and full rotations showing a 360 degree view of the human body.
Ohio) offers a novel perspective on the history of anatomy that incorporates the role of the anatomical theater, the relationship between teachers and students, and the differences between public and private anatomical instructions.