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We suggest that mandatory exploration should be performed in retroperitoneal hematomas resulted from penetrating injury, but the selection of treatment mode in blunt injury depend on the anatomical position of hematoma, visceral injury and the hemodynamic status of patients.
This conclusion emerged from the observation of an important aspect of the external genitalia, the anatomical position of the palp, i.
62) They found plantar flexion in females to be 113[degrees] from anatomical position and 107[degrees] in males.
37), none of the human remains was recovered in anatomical position.
Finally, gloves should provide proper support and allow the hand to remain in the correct anatomical position.
When your abdominal muscles are well toned and firm, they press on various organs and tissues within your body, helping to keep them in their correct anatomical position.
The problem lies with the prostate gland's anatomical position just below the bladder and surrounding the urethra.
From the literature, it is seen that Shirodkar's sling surgery causes anteversion of the uterus and thus maintains the normal anatomical position of the uterus.
Then it was replaced to its normal anatomical position.
These ostia do not have active mucociliary clearance still little drainage that occurs through them is due to gravitational effect and their lower anatomical position in the medial wall of maxillary sinus.

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