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The position of the lens optic and the loops in the natural anatomical position isolated from the highly vascular uveal tissue and the blood aqueous barrier.
In particular age groups and depending on the anatomical position of appendix, it may present atypically, either in the form of abscesses in soft tissues, appendicular masses or lead to intestinal obstruction, which may result in high morbidity and prolonged hospital stay.
A subcutaneous postauricular pocket was developed, the amputated ear was inserted in its correct anatomical position, its cartilage was attached to the stump cartilage, and the skin of the pocket sutured to the anterior skin of the stump (Figure-1b,c) A light pressure dressing was applied for 14 days.
His left foot's big toe nail was displaced from its anatomical position.
In the cases published, the intraoperative management included the reposition of the biceps tendon to its anatomical position through the radiocapitellar joint in 3 cases [57], as in the case herein shown.
The introduction has been expanded to include information on the anatomical position, directional terms, body planes, body cavities, body habitus, and abdominopelvic quadrants and regions.
On the basis of history, clinical signs and anatomical position of enlargement these cases were tentatively diagnosed as goiter.
All the measurements were taken with the subject sitting in chair, in relaxed condition and head in anatomical position.
Their anatomical position is proximal, and can become distal--apical or sub-apical--only during copulation (see figure 1 and 2a).
Placing a rolled towel or sheet under the scrotum positions it more anteriorly in its proper anatomical position.
It is important to understand and remember the position, because when describing relative locations, the body is always assumed to be in anatomical position.
Mandatory exploration should be performed in cases of retroperitoneal hematomas resulting from penetrating injury, but the selection of treatment mode in blunt injury depends on the anatomical position of hematoma, visceral injury and the hemodynamic status of the patients.

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