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95) author of Pity Billionaire and Wrecking Crew continues his anatomisation of the American Dream's collapse, focussing time on how the Democrats, supposedly the party least moderate left-wing policies protecting the poor, were instead focused on proving themselves business-friendly that they laid the groundwork for massively increased inequality and the 2008 financial (in turn squandered as an opportunity for real change).
Early modern anatomy book illustration seemingly represents the human body as a fully-fledged subject, though this can hardly be deemed one in the agentive sense dear to Western epistemology, considering both the oddity of re-morphing its dead condition to lively poses, and especially, as Sawday (1) wryly observes, the 'violent "reduction" into parts' which anatomisation is.
In the 16th century this specimen body, this body comprehended now through its anatomisation, is a template for the ideal body of beauty.