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Several chapters of The LPA Anatomised are authored by Proskauer lawyers across the globe, including partners Howard Beber, Ira Bogner, David Jones, Mary Kuusisto, Edward Lee, Matthew McBride, Timothy Mungovan, Joshua Newville, Malcolm Nicholls, Robin Painter, Catherine Sear, Andrew Shore, Kate Simpson, Michael Suppappola, David Tegeler, Nigel van Zyl, special regulatory counsel John Verwey and senior counsels Marguerite Lombardo and Adam Scoll.
The dead animals must be anatomised as soon as possible to precisely determine the reason behind their deaths," he said, adding that a poisoned liver looks white.
As Banks has already anatomised that era in Dead Air, the main problem with this cross-time caper is that it's hardly an original set-up, and that it says little beyond itself.