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As "yellow skin and bone" (84), Miss Havisham's body is an envelope hosting a skeleton, her lack of fleshliness pointing even more powerfully to her material body, as a corpse urging anatomists to investigate it before putrefaction sets in.
By the 1750s, Manzolini and Morandi's home studio was an attraction for tourists on the Grand Tour: the household school and laboratory were not unusual at the time, but Anna Morandi's role as "practical anatomist" and face for the business was unique.
For anatomists the use of dead human bodies and preserved human tissue is taken as little less than a professional obligation.
He looks into all aspects of the subject, from the backgrounds of the anatomists to the process of procuring and preserving of the bodies before relating the story of the autopsy itself.
They have not entered into our understanding of the anatomists, students, and surgeons who open and immerse themselves in decaying and sickly bodies.
Their corpses were then sold to Professor Robert Knox, a leading anatomist at Edinburgh University.
As Park follows the practice of human dissection in Italy from the late thirteenth to the early sixteenth centuries, she traces a fundamental shift from a cooperative, egalitarian relationship between anatomist and cadaver to one increasingly marked by violence, domination, and subjugation.
There is the anatomist who dissects the bodies and at least one artist who, working with the anatomist, his notes, and sometimes his sketches, illustrates the findings.
This controversial exhibition which ran until the end of February is the work of German anatomist Dr.
(1) Its discovery has long been attributed to the great Dutch anatomist Frederic Ruysch, who first illustrated the organ in the early 18th century.